Fiona McCoss is a women's empowerment mentor, a feminine embodiment facilitator, and a pleasure, sex & sensuality activist. She supports women in becoming the fullest, most unapologetic version of themselves by remembering & reconnecting with their authentic wild feminine essence through their bodies.


I advocate a life of radical freedom, radical expression, & radical self-love and my truth & teachings are inspired by awakening the erotic feminine within,

whether it's in the bedroom, boardroom, brushing your teeth - wherever.

The life I champion is the way of the Wild Feminine. A life of "taboo", flow, mess, chaos, darkness, emotions, ecstasy, pleasure, orgasms, writing, creating, dancing, love making...

Doesn't that sound fun?


I dig body-literacy & all things yoni-related, Sisterhood, feminine embodiment, dancing,

community - and things chocolate.

I am passionate about facilitating & holding space for deep & lasting transformation & empowerment - which includes my own.

What got me to where I am today?


My first 'path' looked very different to how it does now. Like a lot of people, I fell into corporate city life and living in a city which was exciting at the time, but perpetuated the disconnection I experienced from my body, my wild self, my authentic expression, & knowing my true worth.


I was so dis-embodied, rejecting my monthly cycle & abusing my pussy (& my power).


That environment kept me feeling separate from other people, especially when it came to any form of deep intimacy, expressing vulnerability, & speaking my truth.


By trying to fulfil the role that was expected of me (deep patriarchal conditioning) I was ignoring the call deep within which was to dedicate more time and energy to what made me happy and kept me sane in that crazy fast-paced world: connecting to my body & my sex.

It started with yoga & getting certified, which then led me into conscious movement, Feminine Embodiment, Womxn's Circles, Ritual, Tantra, sacred sexuality... & after a number of other trainings, coaching, & life experiences my mission was clear:


I want to support womxn in remembering and embodying their power, becoming more confident, and

de-shaming their sexuality so that they can be sensually & fully expressed.

A fire was lit within me & I initiated myself through my own Rewilding. I began to dive deep into the collective programs, the inherited wounds, systems of oppression, & the limiting beliefs that we inherit as womxn without even realising. It was a big wake up call.

I love to educate womxn, to help them realise where we are being kept tamed through these outdated systems that are only keeping us smaller & more controllable. More disconnected, more stifled, more unhappy.

No more. Not happening if you're with me.

So what can I offer you?

I am a teacher, a coach, a guide, a faciliator, & a creatrix. It's in my cellular make up. It's my dharma.

My offerings have been uniquely designed with you at the centre, to support you with:

+ claiming your wants, needs, & desires

+ confidently stepping up into your fullest expression

+ learning about your menstrual cycles & pussy power 

+ developing a deep & wonderful connection to your body

+ learning to harmonise the masculine & feminine

+ prioritising pleasure

+ self-love & self-care

+ sexual liberation

+ speaking your truth

+ & so much more

I can promise you I'll be real. I don't like to shy away from the truth once I've had a whiff of it (you only need to read my blog to see that).


I offer a powerful immersive 1:1 Mentorship, transformational group offerings. & intimate events, as a way to share & transmit the wisdom & tools I've learnt and created that have facilitated my own empowerment as a womxn, my connection back to my own deep truth, my wild, & to my body.

I don't believe in there being a hierarchy, or a "I'm better than you" - I’m as dedicated to my own evolution and transformation as you are, and as I am to yours. In this commitment we make to each other we are equals, sisters, BFF's. So, whether I support you 1:1, face-to-face, online, or even through my newsletters and blogs - you are welcome, you are celebrated, you are seen, you are heard, you are loved.

Big love,

Fiona x

About Fiona McCoss

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