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Because I am passionate about what I preach & I really want to make my offerings accessible to ALL womxn & girls, I’m offering 1 person my new Awaken Your Wild eBundle for FREE.


I would love every womxn to be able to have the access to the support & guidance that I received from my teachers & coaches over the years, and so I am offering ONE WOMXN the package for free, as my GIFT.

For womxn & girls to reclaim her power & her body is so important in this culture & society & the practices within Awaken Your Wild have been pivotal in my own journey of transformation & reclamation of my Self & my body & my power.

So if you find yourself unable to commit to the investment for this offering, then I encourage you to apply below. If you would like to journey with me,

Awaken Your Wild is for those who;

+ want an introductory – but integrated – experience of the realm of self-discovery,

embodiment, & empowerment

+ want to experience a deeper connection to yourself & your body

+ want to learn more about your inner wild

+ have a desire for ritual & ceremony

+ want to get to know yourself more intimately

+ seek access to more sensitive parts of yourself

+ want to experience embodied living

+ desire to feel like an empowered woman

+ want to establish a self-love practice

+ want to switch the narrative from mehhh to oooooohhhh

+ crave loving tenderness & juiciness

+ want to open to receive & welcome to give

+ want to awaken your wild woman within

If you feel this is something you really would like to explore, but are unable in whatever way, then fill out the application below. To learn more about this program, click here.


Sister, you are so worthy & deserve this opportunity.

Apply to be gifted Awaken Your Wild
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  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach
  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach

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