Sister Circles

Sacred circle & sisterhood

Sister, are you searching for a deeper connection with other womxn?


Do you want to raise feminine frequency & collective consciousness?

Reclaim our traditions, rituals, & ceremonies to gather as powerful womxn?

Do you crave intimate more meaningful relationships with your community?

Are you looking for a sacred space; a safe container to share, speak, be heard, be seen, & express your truth?  

A Sisterhood is one of the most nourishing & enriching pillars of support we can lean into as womxn. In this sacred container and though the ancient practices of ritual & ceremony, we can tap into our gifts as providers and caregivers to hold space for others – as they will hold space for us - by simply showing up in Circle with support. Facilitating sacred space for womxn to gather is one of my most treasured roles & I am honoured to hold space for monthly Sister Circles - both in person & virtually.  


Our Circles are safe containers for free expression for womxn to gather, to feel seen and heard – where every experience and emotion is welcome, accepted, and loved. For too long have we been stripped of our power, or told we are not enough – in these gatherings we are everything. We reclaim our power. Our wild. Our radical freedom. We rewrite HERstory.

By gathering together as conscious womxn on our connected paths we are not only raising our own vibration but the collective vibration, as well. Let us awaken to our Wild Feminine and embrace it fully, embody it fully, and share the wisdom of the Wise Womxn before us and observe the ripple effect spread across the world - changing it for the better.

Join us, Sister if;


You are looking to tap into your Divine Feminine


You want to align yourself with the moon


You want to share in intimacy with Sisters of the community, in person or virtually

You are always welcome.


I facilitate Circles in my community in the UK, as well as virtually with our online Sisterhood.

Let us connect to rewrite HERstory, to raise the collective vibration, & our feminine frequency. Boom.

"I attended many Sister Circles with Fiona and I absolutely enjoyed and cherished all of them. We shared tears, connected on a deeper level, honored our dreams, experienced the sensation of being heard deeply and so much more! "

  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach
  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach

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