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1:1 Sessions

empowerment through rewilding, reconnection to Self, & the feminine

Do you feel disconnected to your what it is you really want?

Do you crave to live a life that excites you, full of passion & pleasure?


Are you hungry for change but you're not sure what?

Do you want to connect to the wisdom within; your cycles, your pussy, your sexuality?

Are you tired of saying yes to things you want to say no to?

Do you want to learn how to stand more in your power & harness your inner feminine forces?


Well, I’ve said yes to all of the above before, so you know.

It can seem really awful when you feel disempowered, dis-embodied, unmotivated, lacking clarity, confidence & clear direction... I still have moments like that sometimes, honestly. The thing is, there’s no magic pill to pop - it takes work & conscious effort to create change & transformation, you just need to build out your toolbox.


The beauty of living life in the untamed feminine, through flow, pleasure, magnetism, creativity, and sensuality - is that it is empowered living.

Through our 1:1 Sessions together (& in the 3-month Immersion) you will gain tools for transformation, rewilding & deep connection to yourSelf that I have been passed down along my own journey by womxn before me. 

I will never tell you how to feel and what to say, or ever write you a prescription.

Why? Because that is inherently dis-empowering, and as womxn, we already have the answers within - they're just buried under all the layers of conditioning.


We'll work with a tailored-for-you journey, towards an intimate exploration of what it is you want & how it is you want to feel, including embodiment practices, writing exercises, meditations, womb wisdom, & empowerment, to guide you back towards a deep trust & connection to your body’s innate wisdom, your feminine essence, your cycles, your wild, your flow, & your creativity.

We'll work to unravel limiting beliefs & patriarchal programs that are embedded deep within your cells, to create space for new empowered patterns, clarity & direction to manifest with ease.


We will be working towards a clear goal(s) (masculine) but in a feeling, flowing, cyclical way (feminine). This is an approach of getting out of the head and into the body - very different to how we, as a collective, operate on a daily basis.

Sometimes it can be hard to justify spending time or money or effort on ourselves. We might have fallen into the limiting belief that we don't deserve it. But we do! We deserve to live in our truth & be happy & free & powerful.

These sessions are for you if;

You want to live Untamed & Wild

You want to connect deeper to your sexuality

You believe a life of Aligned & Empowered living is possible (but not sure how)

You want to learn more about harnessing the power of your pussy & womb space

You want to safely release layers of shame, conditioning, limiting beliefs to open for space to receive, flow, create

You want to remember your innate power as a womxn & connect back to YOU


Saying yes to all the above, or even just a few, means there is so much juicy magic to unfold! I would love love love to support and empower you & journey with you towards transformation - embodying your dreams & truth.

Life is too short to be or do anything less than you know you are capable of. We have a birth right to: happiness, fulfilment, health, love, self-love, deep connection, creativity, pleasure - the list is endless.

I'd love to invite you on a complimentary 40-minute Connection call to start the conversation. Then after, if you think we are a good fit & if you believe I can help support you on your journey, then we can talk about a fully supportive programme tailored to you to get you where you want to be; in life, love; job success; spiritual awakening; self-acceptance; inner peace; whatever it might look like. 


1 hour session £79

3 x 1 hour sessions £199

3 month 1:1 Immersion £999

Get ready for wild & radical rediscovery of YOU, sensual embodiment, wild truth-bombs exploding deep within your cells, and tapping into your unlimited potential for transformation. To become the YOU you already are.

Grab a cuppa & let’s book in a chat then, shall we?


Complimentary 40-minute Connection Call

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."