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1:1 Sessions

Are you seeking a little extra guidance to connect back to YOU?

I don’t really want to call myself a coach, or say that I do “coaching” it seems too formulaic, goal-oriented; hierarchical, perhaps? I've never felt aligned with the term, personally.


A teacher, facilitator, mentor, educator, guide perhaps feels more accurate.


I also prefer a coaxer, a teaser-outer, of inner magic & wisdom. Someone who helps you remember YOU.


A doula of the Wild Feminine.


I deliver you back to yourSELF. Your inner voice. Your inner Goddess. Your inner Wild.


I help you connect back to your body. To your desires, to your truth. But I’m only the doula - you’re the one doing all the work. You’re the one reBirthing yourself. ReWilding.


The beauty of feminine embodiment is that it's a way of being, a way of guiding & supporting, through coming back to inner knowing & full expression. Connecting to & Liberating what already lies within.


When womxn come to me to connect back to... they don’t even know what yet - they do so ready to be held accountable. Ready to Rise. Ready for change.

They have the knowing before they make the call. It’s just buried deep under layers of not-enoughness, shoulds, and excuses. Right?


Womxn, if you’re ready to be completely loved & supported, if you want your own personal cheer-leader, if you want to be reminded of your feminine power, then I'm your gal. Likewise, if you're ready to be held a mirror to, to be told where to step up & show up, to be shown where you’re hiding or playing small, to be revealed the limiting beliefs of this System we live in, then come on over! There is a lot to play with in these potent sessions.


If you’re ready to shake things up and step into the Wild Feminine Divine Bad-ass Sensual Goddess you’re born to be. Then I’m ready for ya.


I offer a blend of Feminine embodiment, empowerment, movement, self inquiry, tantra, & pussy and pleasure practices all woven into one. That’s my jam.


Working 1:1 (in a one-off session, or three-part package, or in my three-month mentorship) ensures that you get my full attention. You get to lay all your cards out on the table, show up just as your are & be fully met, witnessed, & loved.


As a womxn. As a goddess. As a wild radiant being.


Together we’ll work to get you where you want to be (along you life path, pleasure spectrum, sexual satisfaction, sensual connection - whatever) working with different tools & practices to connect you back to your inner knowing where the answers come from YOU. Not me. That is how we create empowered & embodied change.


I will support you towards a deep remembering of what you already know to be true, involving your inner rhythms & cycles, attuning to your sacred vessel (your body), as well as through ritual & ceremony. And so many other amazing practices & homeplay.


The answer you are seeking is already within, but through childhood, adulthood, womxnhood, and because of the culture & society world we live in - you’ve had to hide, or censor, the full expression of yourself in order to survive in this world. It’s safer to play along than to stand out and take up space.


And now you've forgotten who you are & what you want.

Do you feel it's time to unlearn all the bullshit and relearn what it is that you want? To hold strong boundaries & live the life you desire? To connect deeply to your body? To cultivate a sacred relationship to your inner wisdom? To your sex, your pussy? Your deep primal knowing?

The voice of your Wild.


Sister, come. It’s time.


Schedule a complimentary Connection Call to learn more about what we could do together.



1x 90 mins £70 ($90 USD)

3x 90 mins £180 ($230 USD)

Three- month mentorship £600 ($770 USD)

Complimentary 40-minute Connection Call

"I would highly recommend you make use of the gifts Fiona has to offer as it has

changed my life!"