rising in union


heal the split

own your full power

honour the light & dark

summon your Inner King

become your best lover

embody sacred union

return to wholeness

sacred masculine.PNG

This three-month immersive group program is going to tease you open, rock your world, & lovingly put you back together in the most powerful way. A radical unravelling of all the programs you have inherited up to this moment. A journey of polarity, energetics, & archetypes; honouring the feminine AND the masculine.


DEVOTED is for those ready for maturation, inner union, radical self-responsibility, self-empowerment, self-love, & self-knowing. What you will experience & learn within this program will fill in all the missing blanks & remind you of your wholeness - a denial of nothing, a permission slip to be all of you.

To heal the split within. And become your most sacred lover.


Lesbian Couple

I know your secrets, I know you want to...

be both worshipped & dominated

drop into trust with the masculine

speak your raw wild truth & hold epic boundaries

own your desire for MORE: power, money, sex shamelessly

open your legs wide & be fucked by Universal abundance

penetrate life with presence & power


feel sovereign as a Queen

deepen more into your feminine

express your fantasies & desires

embody your wild woman, seductress, & sex witch 


The DEVOTED Experience

DEVOTED is a three-month immersive group mentorship that will guide you inward to meet your masculine & feminine energetic polarity & their allied energies & archetypes. This is a journey of maturation, one which supports you to grow out of the woundings that we have experienced, internalised & outwardly project (eg: all men are bad, I don't need anyone else, the feminine is weaker, my expression isn't worthy...). This is a journey back to whole-ness.


The missing piece from so much of the feminine empowerment work is honouring & celebrating the masculine. Within, and without. This journey will guide you into union, devoted not divided, to an integration of inner energetics that might have been rejected or fractured, to readdress and rewire your core beliefs into ones of empowerment, to bring light to your shadows, & unfurl hidden & repressed gifts, so that you can be in this world a fully devoted sovereign being.








This potent AF group immersion is a re-writing of HER-story through re-patterning your internalised wounded programs & experiences of the masculine in a judgement-free, open, & loving virtual Sisterhood, to shift & heal deep unconscious energetic splits to bring you back into wholeness.

Over 13 weeks, we will re-code & re-frame, explore & embody...


month 1

Safety & Surrender

inner provider & inner child


Productivity & Pleasure

artist & muse

month 2

Boundaries & Wild Chaos

warrior & wild woman


Dark Masculine &

Dark Feminine Sexuality

dom & seductress

44 Ideas Photography Black And White Fot

month 3

Penetration &

Opening to Receive

consciousness & sex witch


Service & Devotion

King & Queen


Holding The Curtain

my love this is for you if you struggle with...

over-doing, over-giving, over-committing


your relationship to the masculine/men

feeling sexy & turned on without attention from someone else

asking for what you want (sex, money, partners, etc)

co-dependent patterns & boundaries

feeling motivated & trusting your decisions

asserting power & taking up space

people pleasing, self-doubt & self-judgement

victim-mentality & limiting beliefs

not receiving & feeling worthy of pleasure

OK, here's my story​ with all this

I’ve been there. I was the embodiment of the wounded feminine, I was the the embodiment of the wounded masculine & I swung hard on the pendulum swing of both sides to try & "fix" it. I was the corporate city gal, and then I was the rebellious wild woman who wanted to smash the patriarchy into smithereens. I was the power-less emotionally manipulated girlfriend, & then I was the "independent woman" who could do it all. And I know I'm not the only one...

I never hated men, but when I got my teeth around "Patriarchy" I couldn't let go and turned to "the masculine" for all blame & it became a target for my hate, disgust, rage because I hadn't fully acknowledged my own role in what I was experiencing. How, actually, I was playing out internalised behaviours, projecting outwards from an (unconscious) place of victim hood "look what has been done to me" / "it's my turn..." / "this isn't fair...".

I wasn't taking full responsibility. And so I allowed myself to be complicit *without knowing* in being made to feel "less than" because I didn't feel "good enough", I allowed myself to be sexually harassed by male colleagues because I couldn't find my voice, I allowed myself to go home with the guy from the bar with no name because it made me feel like I had "won" attention & affection for the night because I didn't know how to feel or practice being wanted by myself.

Copy | Paste | Repeat... for years.

But now? Now, I am my fullest expression, self-sourcing, juicy, & strong, open to being held and protected by the masculine (note: not saved). I am more than "good enough" - I am a MF goddess - I run a successful business on my terms (yes, this one!) that isn't depleting but extremely nourishing. I have an incredible life-partner who treats me as a Queen & who sees me for the woman I am. I have impeccable boundaries that keep me safe & sovereign. I know how and when to deeply surrender to my feminine to play with my own inner polarity, and that in my relationship. I have integrated a Dark Masculine that doesn't feel like an extension of Patriarchy, but one who is my rock & ravisher.


I feel well fed & well fucked by my masculine.

And that was the missing piece. To get here I had to heal my wounded toxic masculinity (& toxic femininity for that matter), get over my shadowy projections, and open my arms to embodying my own strong, sexy, providing inner masculine to support my inner feminine (& notice how my partner is a manifestation of my internal reality as well?).

This is why this DEVOTED is my most potent offering to date, because I have woven all I know of both feminine embodiment & masculine embodiment into it, energetics, archetypes, practices, tools, rituals, so that the feminine can continue to rise in her true power & expression - but with even more integrity, sustainability, and pleasure.


It's time we invite our King to rise with us.



You want to love, honour & be there for yourself - always


You want to feel safe in your body

You want to own your YES & NO

You want to embody your Sovereignty

You want more pleasure, eros, & sensuality

You want to dominate like a Dark King

You want to be true to yourself in relationships

You want to release the narrative “all men are shit”


You want to honour your sexual fantasies


You want to THRIVE, and not just survive in this world


What's inside?

Weekly Live Calls on Zoom

 Additional fortnightly Guest Speakers & Q&A's

Workbooks packed full with content, journal prompts, 

& at-home explorations

Rituals, Embodiment, Erotic Empowerment, & Shadow Work

Audios & Meditations


Private supportive DEVOTED Community Group

{{OPTIONAL: add-on 1:1 sessions}}




Tansy, England

women's coach

"I have awakened my sexual, sensual self once more, a part I thought I had lost through becoming a Mother. I feel a sense of aliveness and vibrancy I didn't have before. My confidence has increased and I definitely give far less f**ks about a tonne of stuff that may have bothered me before. This work has fired up my identity as a woman, deepening my understanding of patriarchy and helping me make new choices that are aligned with the Divine feminine and are so important for this new awakening we are moving into and my role as a parent to educate future generations and break the mould."

Kari, Australia

holistic therapist

"I realise how strongly my pleasure was rooted in the masculine and taking away the goal-oriented outcome for my pleasure allows me to have more of it! Your program gave me the space to really commit to myself and commit to my body and my practice and make space for exploration. I want to say a HUGE thank you for creating such an inspiring and transformational program. I didn’t realise how much I needed this work in my life and always felt like I had a pretty good self-love practice… but wow, who wants “pretty good” when you can have AMAZING!"


Amelian, Ireland


"I will remember this part of my journey for the rest of my life... I connected deeply with the energies of the dark feminine within myself which in turn happened to bring out the masculine parts of me too, a part of me I had shunned away. I continued to practice owning these parts of myself and came to the realisation that I didn't identify solely with the gender of woman and I transitioned into a non-binary human. I never expected that going on a journey to explore my wild woman would lead me to where I am now."


​you're ready to heal those wounds

you want to express yourself fully

you want to ask for more, shamelessly

you want to own your dark desires

you want more pleasure

you want more love

you want better boundaries

you want to be honoured & respected

you want to own & step into your power,

without apology


Image by Sincerely Media


Is this a journey for single womxn or those in relationships?

BOTH!! It's not actually about the *external* masculine/men, but how we relate with, express, & integrate our own inner masculine energetic. And, when we work to heal the inner relationship, it will of course ripple outward and into how you show up in the world & what manifests in your external relationships. If you're in partnership, amazing - you can bring the tools into play and practice with how you show up in that. If you are un-coupled, amazing as well - do the inner work now so that when you do meet someone you do so from a place of "I am Sovereign, I know what I want, and I won't settle for anything less" while also having the understandings of how to worship them, too...

What if I don't really know much about "polarity" or masculine/feminine?

No worries at all, we will be getting into all that in the "foreplay" before we begin, addressing the universal energies within us from a framework of inclusion (remember you can always sub out for solar/lunar, yin/yang if that language feels better). Polarity lives within us all, regardless of gender & sexual orientation. It is what creates the charge, the magnetism, the desire, the pull/push of opposites. In this journey we are working on the polarity of masculine & feminine energetics and their respective allied gifts, archetypes, and powers that support one another into full integration of self & that doesn't refer exclusively to "men" & "women".

What are the dates for the diary?

We begin Thursday 20th May. Live session times will be decided before we begin. All sessions will be recorded however attending live is always wayyyy better, with Q&A, sharing circles, and live practices.

How much 1:1 time do I get with Fiona?

She (I) will be present & active in the Private DEVOTED Community group to share, support, hold space, witness & answer questions. The live group calls fortnightly will be where I am there for you in a "live" capacity, as well as in Q&As with mini coaching, however if you would like 1:1 support throughout the journey, please email to upgrade to the 1:1 package & I would love to support you in a more intimate way.

How much time do I need to commit to the program?

I always say whatever you put in, you get out! There is a two-hour live call every two weeks which you are asked to attend (for your own benefit & to show up for the group) and in between you will be working with embodiment practices, prompts, inquiry, exercises from a workbook to explore each "theme". I'd recommend 2 hours minimum a week for this. But remember, this isn't just an at-home journey, you can bring these practices & inquiries into how you operate & relate in the world - so you can be "practicing" at work, with your lover, friends, while shopping... Again, the more you devote to yourself (ahem...) & invest the time & energy to this journey, the bigger the shifts & the more you'll get out of it. Fact.

Can I join from outside the UK?

Absolutely! This is a virtual program, meaning you can join from anywhere in the world. We meet live via Zoom & our private DEVOTED community will be hosted from an online platform. Calls will be recorded if you can't make it live - and at the moment the call times are subject to change and haven't 100% been confirmed yet.

How do I sign up?

If you'd like to join the Waitlist, please email