What might working together look like?

It could look like many things! But one thing is for sure: you will get so much crazy love and support it’ll be transformational! For the duration of time we are working together, I will be there for you 100% not only with the material promised within the program or package, but with unlimited email and emotional support. I am here to hold you accountable to showing up because I believe in you so fiercely. I am here to hold space for you to reveal your truth. To witness your dreams and your deepest desires. I am here to listen & to reflect back. To offer suggestions and constructive feedback and a way to break out of limiting beliefs. I am here to be a mirror back to you when you can't see your brilliance. To share with you tools for rewilding, practices for deep body love & self-worship. I am here to offer tailored-to-you homeplay and exercises based on your unique experience. I am here to offer you my all because I believe every womxn is worthy of coming back home to herself to access her power, her body; to express her sensuality, to feel pleasure, love, adoration, and worship.

Who do you work with?

I work with all womxn – meaning all humxns who identify as a womxn, and who lean more towards embodying a feminine essence, including cis-womxn, femmes, transgender womxn, black womxn, brown womxn, ALL divine goddesses in all shapes, spectrums, colours, and sizes!

Explain “coaching” & “mentoring”?

I offer deep-dive 1:1 coaching / mentoring – which are one and the same, really! My 1:1 mentorship programs range from 3-6 months in which we have the time and space to dive deep. In the mentorship program, I am your guide, support network, "big sister", loving friend, advocate, accountability partner, fellow witch & sensual siren, for a quarter, or half a year. As a coach/mentor I will share with you a self-empowerment toolbox to help you embody your desires and step into your power. To reclaim the truth of who you are. I will be using coaching methods and techniques that I have been trained in, as well as my intuition, my own personal practices, feminine embodiment, tantra, and a yummy mix of all that I know to be supportive in your journey of self-empowerment.

What is rewilding?

Rewilding is coming back to who you were before all the BS patriarchal programs and conditioning dimmed your light and stole your essence. Rewilding is coming back to YOU! Uncensored. Expressing your fullest self. Not apologising for taking up space. Not fearful of speaking your truth. Unashamed of your divine naked body. Reconnected back to nature. Reconnected back to your cycles and inner rhythms. Upholding strong boundaries that keep you safe & Sovereign. Reclaiming your sex, your pleasure. Unapologetic in claiming your desires and expressing your needs. Rewilding is coming back to the womxn that lives within. The one who has been dormant for so long but who yearns to howl at the moon, to make love with whomever she wants, to paint with her blood, to speak with the plants, to create for herself the life of her dreams.

What Rewilding is not: Following the status quo. Settling. Playing out roles and hiding behind a mask. Loosing your unique identity to fit in with society. Keeping yourself small. Staying tame and well behaved. Following what Simon Says. Believing that your body is shameful and dirty. Hiding your sexuality. Saying yes when really you mean no. Repressing your truth.

Can I work with you if I have a history of trauma?

All divine beings who work with me have some form of trauma. We all experience trauma – trauma is anything that happens too fast, and is too much for the nervous system to integrate in any one moment. So, this might have been anything from a near miss while riding your bike, it could've been be a dog bite when you were younger, a sexual assault, or a death of a loved one, for example. And a whole myriad of other traumas that we experience as humxns. My work is trauma-informed and ensuring the well-being and safety of womxn I work with is paramount to me. Trauma-informed support creates: safety, choice, co-creation, trust, and empowerment. We will co-create a loving, open, loyal, and judgement- and shame-free container between us so that you can step up into & design the life you desire with you in your power. Should your trauma be very fresh, or if along our journey something is re-triggered that is out of my remit, I might suggest a referral to a therapist or other practitioner.

What if I’m scared to start and don’t think I’m ready?

I love this question & I get it all the time! There is no “perfect time” to start anything in life. What I invite you to do is to turn within and listen for the wolf cry. Feel into your intuition. What pulled you to me? How did you end up on my website in the first place, or on my IG, or however we might have first connected….

Many people don’t “think” they’re ever ready & all of my clients have confessed to feeling nervous at the beginning! Our mind is very good at making us believe things that aren’t true and in turn they keep us from really trusting our intuition and what we feel. Fear is a mechanism of keeping us small & tame.

What would it feel like to decide to start even if you don't "think" you're ready?

It is so natural and normal to be afraid of the unknown. That is a projection of the dark feminine, the unknown, the wild, the mystical, the mysterious…. Can you lean into the dark and trust that there is potential and immense expansion here? Can you lean into your edge and step out of your comfort zone? I will be here to support you the whole way!

What modalities do you use?

I weave in Feminine Embodiment practices, Intuitive Movement, Tantra, Somatic Releasing, Emotional Alchemy, Self inquiry, Dance, Mindset work, Journalling, Pussy & Body Worship, Ritual & Ceremony... & so much more! The inspiration for my offerings & the way in which I work comes from many things: connecting to pussy, worshipping our womb, following the moon, indulging in everything "taboo"; moving our bodies, claiming our sexuality, prioritising pleasure, & owning our authentic expression. I promote ways of living that are a big F**K YOU to the current System in order to create a New Earth where we are equal, where we are Sovereign, & where we the divine Queens of our own bodies.

How can I work with you?

There are a number of ways of working with me. We dive deepin a 3-6 month Mentorship program, you could join one of my group programs (Feminine Mysteries, The Erotic Feminine), or explore a self-guided course Pathway to Pleasure. You can also join me in a virtual event, or in person.

Do you teach sexual empowerment & body love?

YES YES YES! That is my jam.


My offerings as a womxn's empowerment mentor & feminine embodiment facilitator are to support you with:

+ claiming your wants, needs, & desires

+ stepping up into your fullest expression

+ learning about your inner cycles & rhythms

+ developing a deep & wonderful connection to your body

+ learning to listen to your body's wisdom (not the chatter of your mind)

+ prioritising pleasure

+ self-love & self-care

+ sexual liberation

+ sensual embodiment

+ erotic expression

+ & so much more

How do you take payments?

I take payments via my website using a credit or debit card, or if you are in the UK you can contact me to pay direct though a BACS bank transfer. There is also an option to pay via Paypal. There are always payment plan options as well to make working together more accessible, please ask!

Do you offer scholarships?

I offer scholarships to BAME & BIPOC womxn, transgender womxn, those with disabilities, & those who are under financial pressures. Please contact me for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions