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Are you a yoga teacher, massage therapist, healer, or spiritual worker? Do you feel frustrated or overwhelmed when it comes to marketing yourself and putting yourself 'out there' online? Do you hate writing about yourself and the thought of working with websites makes you want to pull your hair out?

Then, let me help.

I have always loved writing. So much so, that before I connected with my true path - my dharma - I worked in the corporate world in London writing online content for a number of companies. So I know my way around websites and how to write copy for brands.

While I'm not behind a desk anymore, I still love writing, and have a few freelance clients here and there, but I want to help people in the healing community, yoga teachers, massage therapists, spiritual guides - all of you! - to create copy that really matters and best showcases you and your gifts.

I want to work with individuals or small businesses who keep integrity and soul at the heart of what they do. I want to help market you and your brand and to make a (positive!) difference in this crazy online world.

I have seven years experience in content creation and would love to connect if you are looking for support with writing, website development, social media, or even just a friendly chat for clarity and direction.

If this resonates with you - please, get in touch.

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  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach
  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach

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