Feminine Awakening Mentorship

For the womxn who wants to be Herself, confidently


​You want to speak your truth.

You want sexual liberation.

You want more pleasure.

You want to stop caring

about what people think.

You want to live, unapologetically.

Fiona McCoss Empowerment Coaching

Did you know as we grow up we are made to fit in boxes that constrict our true nature, stifling our potential. We learn to bite our tongue, swallowing back our truth. We accept dismal sex, putting our pleasure second. We mould ourselves to the "Good Girl", eager to please. Forgetting who we really are, afraid to let Her out for fear of being judged, abandoned. But then you begin to awaken & remember: you're so much more. You are sexier, wilder, bigger, bolder... I'm sure that resonates if you've landed on this page.

Close your eyes & envision a future where you are:

More deeply connected to your feminine & your sexuality

Confident to speak out & claim your wants, needs, & desires

Able to express yourself fully

Embodied in your sensuality & erotic essence

In daily communion with your pussy & womb

Liberated from shame, conditioning, & limiting beliefs

Empowered with strong boundaries


who is this mentorship for?

The woman who makes her way to the Feminine Awakening Mentorship is the womxn who feels at a tipping point in her life... She's had a whiff, a taste of what this wild embodied feminine version of herself could be like - but somehow it hasn't stuck. She is hungry for more. She wants bigger, better, more. And not feel ashamed to say so. The clients I work with know that they are powerful AF, they just aren't sure how to harness or express that power. There's a block or resistance to their feminine, they want to embody this essence fully & they need to integrate a healthy masculine so they can both thrive, in harmony.

These women deeply desire to reconnect to their truth which has been sacrificed to busy-ness, biz-ness, &/or family life. These woman find me at a cross-roads (maybe you, too?) and are seeking guidance in reclaiming more of themselves. Ready to disown old identities, outgrown behaviours & patterns that don't fit.


They are wanting to get back in touch with their pleasure centres, their erotic nature, their sensuality - and express it with confidence. They have been on a long journey of body love & appreciation, but there's still a missing piece of the puzzle. Shame, guilt, & self-judgement rear their ugly heads keeping these beautiful bodies from being fully expressed.


Does that resonate?


"During this mentorship I went on a deep journey with myself to discover my wild within. I felt completely safe, unjudged, witnessed and celebrated by Fiona who held that space as the wise, fierce and loving wild women that she is. The rituals and homeplay that she offered are just amazing and have gradually created an empowered mindset of self love and acceptance with a massive dollop of fun and pleasure. I have awakened my sexual, sensual self once more, a part I thought I had lost through becoming a Mother. I feel a sense of aliveness and vibrancy I didn't have before. My confidence has increased and I definitely give far less f**ks about a tonne of stuff that may have bothered me before."


Tansy, England - women's coach


Let me tell you about my own feminine awakening journey

I'll be real with you, I used to work a corporate job, I used to escape my boredom with alcohol & drugs at the weekend. I slept with men for all the wrong reasons. I lost my sense of value and worth that wasn't tied up with salary or numbers on a scale. I dishonoured my body, I sought validation in all the wrong places, I played in my shadow, I didn't believe in myself or my gifts. I was so divorced from my feminine, so completely intoxicated by the wounded masculine world in which I operated, unconscious & disconnected, that after a while when I got a glimmer of perspective, I couldn't recognise myself.


But something in me woke up one day, when I heard a whisper from within. A deep calling. I know now, with hindsight, it was the beginning of my rewilding initiation, my feminine awakening. I needed to leave the city, I needed to get back in touch with nature, I needed to reconnect with my body, I needed to fall back in love with myself - properly. I needed to wake the fuck up.


My feminine awakening journey was long, slow at times with some sideways spirals, but it was all part of the medicine I needed to take. All part of the feminine journey. To descend into the dark. To rewild. To commune again with the primal body, the sweat, the blood, the tears. The pain & the pleasure. The sex. The sensual. The erotic. The innocence. The wild. The divine. All of it.


And it has brought me to here. Empowered. Embodied. Alive. Awake. Deeply connected to my feminine. Expressed in my sexuality. Sensual like a Goddess. The most confident I've ever been. Aligned, on purpose. Saving all my fucks for the right reasons, none wasted.

Through that journey, a wealth of teachings, trainings, and life lessons, I have taken what worked, what was hard, what was fun, what was challenging, what was juicy, to create a potent toolbox & mentorship program to support you along your feminine awakening journey. And I know it works!


"I will remember this part of my journey for the rest of my life... I connected deeply with the energies of the dark feminine within myself which in turn happened to bring out the masculine parts of me too, a part of me I had shunned away. Fiona was wonderful and supportive and [I] came to the realisation that I didn't identify solely with the gender of woman and I transitioned into a non-binary human. I never expected that going on a journey to explore my wild woman would lead me to where I am now and that perhaps we have no idea what self love and compassion will reveal to us when we embrace it. Fiona is a kind, safe and loving guide on this journey and I highly recommend diving deep into the beautiful wild world of the dark feminine with her by your side."


Amelian, Ireland - singer-songwriter


what if you committed to a future

that looked like...

you feel so empowered & know exactly what it is you want/don't want


you're more sensually & sexually confident

you believe in yourself & your worth 100%


you feel fully expressed & fierce AF


you feel comfortable in your own skin


you effortlessly lead from the body's wisdom & intuition


you've built up a healthy strong sacred masculine to support your feminine


& more...

A journey for the empowered & embodied feminine

This journey creates instant shifts. I know because my clients tell me. From the moment they say YES to working together, something inside clicks. This program is my most intimate & in depth offering & is a tailored-for-you journey, supported by both intuitive guidance & a structure and flow that I know works to encourage an intimate exploration of what it is you want & how it is you want to feel. This is where the magick happens, when we let the body lead!


The gateways & practices we will explore include:


feminine embodiment, self-inquiry, intuitive dance & movement, sacred masculine integration, dark & light archetypes, Tantra, womb wisdom, pleasure, sensual & erotic expression, ritual & ceremony, shadow work - & more.


This is a potent blend & fail safe toolbox which will guide you back towards a deep trust & connection to your body’s innate wisdom, expand your pleasure potential, embody your feminine essence, (re)claim your sexuality, live in your sensuality, honour your cycles, your wild, your flow, & your creativity.




"I didn't realise before but I had so many limiting beliefs and I was just following along what everyone else was doing, and what they told me to, rather than putting myself first. Since working with Fiona I have been able to tap into my unique wisdom thanks to her guidance and her teachings and am showing up as a more confident and embodied woman each day. She holds space for you to be exactly who you are and there is nothing you can’t share. The energy she holds is strong but also warm and welcoming and she happily shares all of her knowledge with you. You get a true sense that all she wants is to be of service to women of all ages and walks of life and that she really does care! Fiona, thank you for all that you have offered me and my wild Wise woman."


Claire, Scotland - multi-talented mama

Are you ready?

When we commit to this initiation & devotion to reclaiming & returning to our most connected & powerful essence of womxn - it takes time. The Feminine Awakening Mentorship program is a three month (minimum) commitment for the reason that this is the length of time required to go deep. To unlearn. To relearn. To anchor these tools & teachings into the body. To create new rituals, new routines, new ways of being that support the womxn that you were born to be. To integrate & align with your truest nature.

And the feminine does not like to be rushed, or forced along!

Life is too short to be or do anything less than you know you are capable of. We have a birth right to: happiness, pleasure, great sex, health, love, self-worship, abundance, creativity - the list is endless...

I absolutely adore my Mentorship clients, & I promise to be your biggest supporter & give you my all, heart to heart, pussy to pussy. I'll also be getting real with you. I'll be calling out your BS & showing you your shadows. I’ll be there to lift you up & also be your mirror so that you can keep drinking that truth serum in order to see through limiting beliefs & patterns that are holding you back from embodying your divine essence. It’s no easy road, it’ll be ugly & challenging, beautiful, & oh so wildly rewarding!

It doesn't happen over night or with a "quick fix" - we have a lot to unravel, explore, & experience. A multiple-month container gives us both time to commit to, not only one another, but to the deep inner work that goes on & the space to really see the processes & practices through as you de-program & re-program, commit to deep radical rewilding, & create anchored long-lasting change.

the three-month Mentorship includes:

1x 90-minute Initiation & Intention Setting Session (Zoom)

6 x 1:1 75-min Coaching sessions (Zoom)

Personalised "homeplay," supporting wisdom in workbooks,

self-inquiry prompts, & at-home embodiment practices

Unlimited text & email support

Library of Playlists & Audio Meditations

Bonus surprise extras

OK, I feel like this is for me - how do I apply?

If you're already feeling a FULL BODIED FUCK YES, or there are some tingles of curiosity, you want to learn more, click any of the big purple JOIN THE WAITLIST buttons on the page to take it to the next step. If I have spaces open (I only open my doors for 1:1s four times a year), I'll send you over an application form so I can get to know your intentions a bit more clearly & feel into what you're seeking and if you're really ready. If I believe we're a good fit I'll contact you to hop on a call that way we can get to know each other a little better & chat through any other questions you might have before we make a decision about working together.


If we both feel a YES, we commit to some dates & begin the journey!


Get ready for a radical rediscovery of YOU, sensual embodiment, wild truth-bombs exploding deep within your cells, and tapping into your unlimited potential for transformation & rewilding.

To become the YOU you were born to be.


"Working with Fiona has opened my eyes to so much! I could see how stuck I had been in my masculine energies and I was totally disconnected to my own power and sexuality. She taught me the most important lesson of slowing down and listening to my body which has been a game-changer in my everyday life. I never really connected with the idea of a “wild woman” before but now I totally do! Our Wild Woman is in every one of us and even if you don’t think she is important, she is! I would highly recommend you make use of the gifts Fiona has to offer as it has changed my life!"


Jen, England - meditation teacher



Still wondering if this is what you really need?

Ok. Let me put it this way:

If you've tried meditation retreats, done plant medicine, you've spent years on your yoga mat, dabbled with all the other spiritual offerings… but something’s not quite worked.

You’re still not quite…. there. You’re still not…. fully you, comfortable in your skin, fully expressed,

You're not sure what you need - but you haven't given up looking for it...

This Mentorship will help with your inner quest.


The answer is inside you and it has been all along.

She - your Wild - is dying to come out and guide you.

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