Three Month Mentorship

For the womxn ready to step into her fullness & own her Power

I hear whispers of change, womxn are Rising - do you feel it, too?


There is a visceral awakening. I can feel it. I can see it happening. More & more of us are realising the ways in which we've been living before are no longer serving us.

We want more freedom. We want sexual liberation. We want to reside in pleasure. We want to heal & release old toxic patterns & wounds.

We want to be even more unto ourselves.

We are hungry for our wild.

The thing is, there’s no magic pill to pop - it takes work & conscious effort to create lasting change, radical alignment, & devote yourself to inner transformation.

We are born knowing we are wild, untame, but we are taught the opposite as we grow up. So - before we do anything - we have to start with a radical unlearning before we can relearn & remember what we already know, deep within our cells. That we are powerful womxn.

When we start to remember, when our Wild Womxn starts to rise from her slumber, it's like the flick of a switch. Light-bulb moment. Cellular recognition.

This is who we are.


The beauty of living life in the untamed feminine - in our fullness, in flow, pleasure, magnetism, creativity, and sensuality - is that this is what it means to live embodied & therefore empowered.

Throughout this Mentorship program, you will gain countless tools & practices, tips & tricks, for lasting transformation, ongoing rewilding & deep connection to yourSelf. Everything I share with you continues to be a daily practice for me myself; some are tools I have learnt through my own experience and radical awakening, others have been handed down by my own teachers & womxn before me.

Take a shot of truth serum & ask yourself

+ Do you feel disconnected to what it is you really want?

+ Do you crave a life that excites you, full of passion & pleasure?


+ Are you hungry for change but you're not sure what?

+ Do you want to connect to the wisdom within; your pussy, your cycles, & your sexuality?

+ Are you tired of saying yes to things you want to say no to?

+ Do you want to learn how to stand more in your power & harness your feminine forces?

+ Are you interested in exploring a life of pleasure, Orgasmic living, & claiming your wants, needs, & desires?


(You might want to carry on reading just in case.)

What previous clients are saying...


"Working with Fiona has opened my eyes to so much! I could see how stuck I had been in my masculine energies and I was totally disconnected to my own power and sexuality. She taught me the most important lesson of slowing down and listening to my body which has been a game-changer in my everyday life. I never really connected with the idea of a “wild woman” before but now I totally do! Our Wild Woman is in every one of us and even if you don’t think she is important, she is! I would highly recommend you make use of the gifts Fiona has to offer as it

has changed my life!" Jen

"I didn't realise before but I had so many limiting beliefs and I was just following along what everyone else was doing, and what they told me to, rather than putting myself first. Since working with Fiona I have been able to tap into my unique wisdom thanks to her guidance and her teachings and am showing up as a more confident and embodied woman each day. She holds space for you to be exactly who you are and there is nothing you can’t share. The energy she holds is strong but also warm and welcoming and she happily shares all of her knowledge with you. You get a true sense that all she wants is to be of service to women of all ages and walks of life and that she really does care! Fiona, thank you for all that you have offered me and my wild Wise woman."Claire

A toolbox for the empowered & embodied Womxn

The Mentorship program is a tailored-for-you journey with a gentle structure to encourage an intimate exploration of what it is you want & how it is you want to feel. To allow you to move from head-dominant (over-masculine energy which is where most of us usually reside) down into body-based decision making (embodying sacred feminine energy). And this is where the magic happens, when we let the body lead!

The modalities we will use, & that I use with all my clients & in my own life, are feminine embodiment practices, self-inquiry, movement, breath, Tantra, womb wisdom, pussy worship, & empowerment.


This is a potent blend & fail safe toolbox which will guide you back towards a deep trust & connection to your body’s innate wisdom, expand your pleasure potential, embody your feminine essence, (re)claim your sexuality, live in your sensuality, honour your cycles, your wild, your flow, & your creativity.

In our time together, we commit to unravel limiting beliefs, conditioning & programs that are embedded deep within your cells, to create space for new empowered patterns, clarity & direction to manifest with ease.


You will claim embodied goal(s) that you want to meet, experience, or achieve but in a feeling, flowing, cyclical way - dancing between the masculine & the feminine. We will also use an approach of getting out of the head and into the body through feminine embodiment - which is very different to how we, as a collective, operate on a daily basis & very different to other "talk therapies" or "on the couch" counselling.


I will never tell you how to feel and what to say, or ever write you a prescription.

Why? Because that is inherently dis-empowering, and as womxn, we already have the answers within - they're just buried, deep, under all the layers of conditioning.


That is the way of the wild feminine = trusting our inner wisdom. Tuning to our internal compass. Learning how to listen & honour the rhythms within.

The Commitment

When we commit to this initiation & devotion to our Rewilding, anchoring back into our most connected & powerful essence of womxn - it takes time. This Mentorship program is a three month dedication for the reason that this is the perfect length of time to go deep. To unlearn. To relearn. To anchor these tools & teachings into the body, To create new rituals, new routines, new ways of being that support the womxn that you were born to be. To integrate & align with your truest nature. 

Along the way, I'll be your biggest supporter & give you my all, heart to heart, pussy to pussy. I'll also be getting real with you. I'll be calling out your BS & showing you your shadows. I’ll be there to lift you up & also be your mirror so that you can keep drinking that truth serum in order to see through limiting beliefs & patterns that are holding you back from embodying your divine essence. It’s no easy road, it’ll be ugly & challenging, beautiful, & oh so wildly rewarding!


It doesn't happen over night or with a "quick fix" - we have a lot to unravel, explore, & experience. A three-month container gives us both time to commit to, not only one another, but to the deep inner work that goes on & the space to really see the processes & practices through as you de-program & re-program, commit to deep radical rewilding, & create anchored long-lasting change.

An Overview

month ONE

We'll start you off with a powerful no BS review to get really clear on what it is you want & gain clarity on what is standing in the way & what is blocking you embodying your full power. You'll begin by feeling into your Wild Sovereign Womxn and understand more of the context behind why she's been neglected for so long. Big doses of truth serum are necessary at the beginning to help you feel into your fierce truth & to see what lies beneath the fears that are keeping you small & tame. Embodied boundaries will be enhanced & you'll receive powerful embodiment practices that will help integrate your body-based learnings as you strip away limiting beliefs & create space to call in your uncensored needs, wants & desires.


month TWO

As within, so without - our outer world is a reflection of our inner, so in the second month we'll move onto looking at what habits & patterns are keeping you from a true expression of your wild natural essence. When you have total awareness of everything in your energy field, you are a thousand times more empowered! Worshipping your sacred vessel will become a no-brainer as you devote to nourishing self love practices to expand your (sexual) energy & your capacity for love, intimacy, & abundance. There's a big focus on prioritising pleasure as well & learning how pleasure is a radical movement in today's world & is part and parcel of feminine embodiment & sexual empowerment. Through more body wisdom & sensual "hands on" self-exploration, you'll feel the seeds of deep inner transformation take root.

month THREE

In our final month together, you'll cultivate your inner knowing, tuning into your intuition & deep body wisdom through an awareness of your sacred inner rhythms. With an embodied understanding of your sacred cycle, archetypes, and your unique fempowers, you'll be able to use your moon cycle to your full advantage; in life, love & business - in everything! When a womxn has full body-awareness, she is unstoppable in her wild potential. To round off your mentorship, anchored in your wisdom & committed to your Rewilding & empowerment, you'll have a tool-belt bursting with tools, practices, embodied experiences & lessons from your own body research, and clarity and connection to take with you going forward into the life you have radically shaken up over the past three months!

At the end of our time together you can expect 

+ Radical self-love, freedom, & compassion

+ A deeper connection to your sexuality

+ Ability to speak out & claim your wants, needs, & desires

+ Your life will be so wildly aligned & easeful

+ You'll effortlessly be able to harness the power of your pussy & womb space

+ Heightened intuition & body wisdom

+ Deep trust in inner knowing & inner compass

+ Layers of shame, conditioning, & limiting beliefs will have been safely released

(& you'll have tools for support)

+ Ability to dance between your sacred masculine & feminine

+ Awakened & activated creative wellspring


+ You'll feel spacious & open to receive everything you desire

+ Ability to welcome in all emotions & love yourself through everything 

+ Deep embodied remembering of your power as a womxn

+ Goddess energy & Archetypal activation

+ Connection to the Sisterhood & feminine collective consciousness


There is so much juicy magic lying within...

I would love love love to support & journey with you through your Rewilding.

Life is too short to be or do anything less than you know you are capable of. We have a birth right to: happiness, pleasure, fulfilment, great sex, health, love, self-love, deep connection, creativity - the list is endless.


The Mentorship includes

+ 90-minute Welcome Call & Embodiment Session (online)

+ Fortnightly 1:1 Coaching sessions via Zoom around full & new moon (online)


+ Fortnightly workbooks packed full of supporting content, self-inquiry

prompts, & at-home embodiment practices

+ Personalised exercises, "homeplay," insights, & feedback

+ Three months of unlimited 1:1 email support

+ Library of Playlists, audios, affirmations, & meditations

+ Bonus discounts, resources & materials

What happens next?

If you're already feeling a FULL BODIED FUCK YES, or there are some tingles of curiosity & you want to learn more, I'd love to invite you on a no cost, no pressure, no big deal 40-minute Connection call to get to know each other a little better & find out more about your intentions for this Mentorship & for you to find out more about me. You can get a flavour of how I work & I can get a feel for what you’re seeking.


Then, after, if we both think we are a good fit for one another we'll commit to some dates & begin the Rewilding!


Get ready for a radical rediscovery of YOU, sensual embodiment, wild truth-bombs exploding deep within your cells, and tapping into your unlimited potential for transformation & rewilding.

To become the YOU you were born to be.

Complimentary 40-minute Connection Call

"The container that Fiona creates penetrates through old patterning, feminine wounding, and resentments and reveals the individual, empowered, embodied woman within who is crying out for release..."

  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach
  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach

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