Pathway to Pleasure

“Pleasure is the point. Feeling good is not frivolous, it is freedom.”

adrienne maree brown

Pathway to Pleasure is your accessible & affordable self-guided course & at-home-toolkit to support you into more pleasure, with wild embodied empowerment & sweet ecstasy. Pleasure is Queen & it's time we started prioritising it. When we commit to a life of the embodied Wild Feminine, pleasure becomes our paradigm.

Pleasure isn't just an feeling, a one-time-only sensation, it's a devotion, a commitment. However we haven't been taught to prioritise pleasure - quite the opposite - so this radical! Now it's time to take pleasure back into our own hands, into our own bodies. We are the Creatrixes of our Pleasure potential.


What womxn are saying about this course:

"I want to say a HUGE thank you for creating such an inspiring and transformational program.

I didn’t realise how much I needed this work in my life and always felt like I had a pretty good

self-love practice… but wow, who wants “pretty good” when you can have AMAZING!" - Kari, Australia

"I loved the journal prompts! Some of them made me really look at where I was compromising my pleasure for another’s and taking it slow was mind-blowing which seems so silly to say! We are so programmed to head for the orgasm that we often forget all the other bits in between and that it is about the journey not the destination. Thank you for creating this course & making it so affordable as well. It really has been eye (and body!) opening." - Diane, Germany



With pleasure, comes power & more embodied wisdom. When we take charge of our sensual expansion, we feel more abundant, more happy, more radiant, more juicy, more attractive, more alive - more everything. When we lead from pleasure & in pleasure, everything is possible because we are rewiring our bodies to a different frequency.


We are expanded. We are magnetic. We are aligned.


With a devotion to daily pleasure, our capacity for pleasure & sensitivity spectrum expands along the way. But let's be clear, pleasure is not black or white, it's not light or dark. Pleasure is not definable. It's very personal, subjective, and very precious. Pleasure is not exclusively sexual, either.

We can experience pleasure through awareness & stimulation of the external & internal senses. Pleasure through the ease & joy of life. We also experience pleasure through surrendering, through staying open to receive; through trusting in the unknown, & through staying available to feel. ⁠And through sexual exploration, of course.

Committing to this paradigm - the Pleasure Paradigm - is radical. It's a shift from old beliefs & old patterns. It requires change & transitions. It requires a deep rewiring. It invites compassion & self-love, patience & loving kindness. It requires a knowing that you are worthy of it.




Pathway to Pleasure is your Go-To Guide for walking you along the path (back) to pleasure. If you are stuck at home, with the kids, alone, single, partnered; if you think you're "too old", or "not interested", "too busy"; or that pleasure is a "luxury" - then this course is definitely for you. 


Anyone who desires more gasps, more oooohhhhs, more ahhhhhs, more mmmmmms, then here you are. And it's up to you, really. It all starts with You. You, not anyone else, has responsibility for your experience of pleasure.


Pathway To Pleasure will teach you;

+ feminine embodiment practices
+ expanding your capacity for pleasure
+ understanding ranges of sensitivity
+ pussy worship
+ breast massage

+ ritual & intention to enhance pleasure

+ overcoming body image blocks
+ somatic expression

+ shadow desires
+ anatomy of arousal

+ cliteracy
+ self-inquiry

+ self-care
+ & so much more…


You'll become a womxn so wildly embodied in her power, because pleasure = power.



What can you expect?

The tools I'll share with you have been chosen specifically to support you & guide you though an exploration of your body - especially if it is new territory, or there are some tumbleweeds! - so that you can access your wild feminine powers within. I've designed the toolkit to be as easy to work through by yourself as possible (bite-sized chapters, videos, playlists, audios) so that you can slowly by slowly build on the practices & rituals to help you better understand your own body & create your own pleasure signature as you go through the course.

Through self knowledge comes power, so the more time you take to explore your body - the more pleasure potential you have at your fingertips! Your sensitivity spectrum can be expanded, or contracted, too, & you'll understand how and why with this course.


Cliteracy and body image are big pieces in the puzzle that keep womxn disconnected from their pussy & their sex. There will be chapters on this to help you become more familiar with your lady landscape & again to give you the basics so that you can set off knowing all the facts!


I've included some of my favourite embodiment tools & pleasure practices which will ease you gently into opening more places of your body that may be closed, or tender. These practices, when built up over time, are so empowering as you can quite literally worship yourself daily - for no other reason than because you are a Goddess & are worthy of so much pleasure and pleasure is the gateway to so much magic.

A big part of this DIY course is on your relationship to "down there" so you'll spend time in pussy worship, really getting to know Her.


Pussy is the gatekeeper. She is the key to your feminine. She is the way in (literally) to accessing your power.⁠ So when you show pussy some loving attention & get her on your side, everything flows! You feel more empowered, more sensual, more sexual, more inspired, more creative, more attractive, more magnetic... more everything!⁠


The self-inquiry and journal prompts will also help you see through stream of consciousness where there might be limiting beliefs and resistances which can be brought to the movement practices and liberated through the body to find completion & spaciousness. Pleasure will guide you towards a more embodied & empowered way of living as you devote yourself to more self-exploration.

Quite simply, this is a journey back to pleasure & dropping in, back, & down to your sacred body & sexual centre. With more self-love & body awareness will come infinite pleasure, magnetism, trust, body-wisdom, abundance, ecstasy, & so much magic.

Love notes from previous students

"I realised through your program I really didn’t give much focus to attention to my breasts,

they were just there! And I’m realising how sad that was and how amazing they are.

The video was great, the guidance and being held and supported in that exploration was really beautiful. The pussy worshipping section was awesome, especially the guided meditation! Before this program I wouldn’t cultivate the time & space to go into these deeper explorations.

I realise how strongly my pleasure was rooted in the masculine and taking away the goal-oriented

outcome for my pleasure allows me to have more of it! Your program gave me the space to really

commit to myself and commit to my body and my practice and make space for exploration."

- Kari, Australia

"I just finished Pathway to Pleasure and wanted to write to you... I had to print the coursebook out and underline lots and lots of parts that resonated deeply. You speak so eloquently and have such a way with words. I did all the prompts, some made me cry, some made me uncomfortable but in a good way. I did the pleasure practices and the meditations, and I have definitely shifted into more body love. I know this is only an introduction to what is possible but I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for offering the stepping stone I needed." - Georgie, UK


What does Pathway to Pleasure include?


+ Coursebook (50+ pages) packed with content & pleasure theory


+ Practices & exercises to get you into your body experiencing pleasure


+ Journal prompts & self inquiry to explore your inner narratives around pleasure

+ Playlists to get you Moving, Dancing, Expressing, Feeling, & Touching

+ Toolkit of Video, Audio Guides & Meditations to support your Integration

+ Lifetime access to materials

This is a self-paced & self-guided journey meaning you can take it completely in your own time & at your own pace - you're the boss! When you work with pleasure, you honour the body, check in regularly, & learn to listen. Pleasure can't be forced.

The time has never been more right to commit to a life of pleasure.

Pleasure is the foundation of a womxn alive in her wild feminine essence.




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