Are You a "Well Fucked" Woman?

A “well fucked woman” is a term I’ve heard bandied around empowered tantrikas & sex coaches, but what if we remove the sexual context from it and what if we consider this a womxn penetrated not by someone but by EVERYTHING.

Can you allow yourself to be cracked open and fucked by life?

Then what would happen?!

Are you a well fucked woman?

To truly surrender and be penetrated by the chaos the darkness the magick the unknown?

To the gifts of the great mystery?

That is a well fucked woman - and a well fucked woman is a wild woman.⠀

A woman who isn’t afraid of the mess, the power, the pain, the pleasure, she is greedy for more, insatiable for passion & desires that sets her heart & pussy aflame.

Many womxn often don’t know this feeling or the mere thought of it feels too scary or intimidating.

But I urge you to not settle for less, not settle for easy, not settle for safety.

Lean in, that's where the magick happens. The other side of challenge, not the other side of ease.

A well fucked woman is truly liberated.

So, and it's important to note, that a liberated well fucked woman can still experience:⠀

Anxiety ⠀

Self doubt⠀


Not enoughness⠀

Dips in confidence⠀

Feelings of lack⠀

Body image bullshit⠀


She's been well fucked by all these things. And so she chooses the road to liberation through FEELING, over bypassing.

Because to be Liberated means to INTEGRATE & not suppress or bypass what you feel.⠀

Wild Women, well fucked women, show up bravely to their feelings & emotions without shaming or judging them.

To practice Wild Feminine Embodiment means to welcome all experiences into your present experience. Feeling all the feels in your field. Not choosing to avoid the “bad” ones.⠀

We’re all human.⠀

We have off days. Bleugh days. Days we want to sleep all day. Days we can’t get off the sofa. Days we question our raison d’être.

Being liberated means giving ourselves permission to feel that AND knowing it is not a permanent state or our identity.⠀

That leaning into the darkness only makes us stronger. More resilient.⠀

It’s ok to feel. Feeling is a beautiful gift.⠀

Don’t deny yourself feelings. ⠀

Expanding your capacity & ability to feel is power.

Allow your wild courageous heart to guide you into liberation.

So ask yourself, are you a well fucked woman?

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