Censorship & Black Bodies on Instagram

A public letter regarding the racist, misogynist, unjust censorship, & inconsistent "community guideline" benchmark on Instagram.

UPDATE (9th August): The Guardian published a post on it as well. Read it HERE.

Alright Instagram, sit the fuck down now - we need to have a word. Like a proper word. You need to listen to the rage & uproar of womxn around the world who are being unfairly discriminated against on your platform which is supposed to be a platform of freedom of expression & creativity.

Since when did it become a place where it needs to go through your approval, first? ⠀

The gorgeous Nyome, whose photos were repeatedly deleted.

This BULLSHIT censorship needs to stop.

How are accounts like @playboy & @pornhub (not to mention all the other onlyfan promo accounts & accounts where I've literally seen peen in vaj and all sorts) allowed to exist with MILLIONS of followers, likes, & comments allowing (nay, flaunting) skinny white womxn's bodies in bare minimum clothing & that's not violating the same "community guidelines"?⠀

Oh, I know, because unless you support the Patriarchal illusion that sexualises womxn & views us merely as commodities to be enjoyed, used, and dominated - you're out, babe.⠀

Don't worry, these pictures pass the same "community guidelines" because they're white skinny girls. My bad, how foolish of me to question that... Both taken from @playboy Instagram account*.

This particular case, with Nyome, came to my attention through @ginamartin who was been fighting for a beautiful photo of @curvynyome by @alex_cameron to stop being censored & removed (& to be shared to flood this platform as an appeal instead). There were no nips, no nudity, just a simple celebration of Goddess incarnate. With black skin & a curvy body.

After the photos were repeatedly removed, a hashtag #iwanttoseenyome was created & now it is also being censored & the original photo is also being flagged & removed if reposted (so I've posted an alternative, swipe left, of the same series).⠀

Beautiful black bodies haven't got a fucking chance. It's called Misogynoir. Especially if they're bigger curvier bodies. Or trans bodies. IG says NO.

I'm not black, but you already know from my own experiences I've been censored countless times & I was also censored yesterday promoting my program on menstrual awareness - but that's not the kind of pussy they want to know about. A bleeding one? Gross. Delete.⠀

This is blatant censorship, misogyny, racism.... If you are reading this, please follow this story & if you're as fired up as I was - Repost. Engage. Fight for the liberation of all bodies. Go to @ginamartin 's account for more info & go love on @curvynyome & follow the hashtag #iwanttoseenyome

*I went to report the above photo from @playboy account, challenging Instagram on their guidelines, & they came back to me with the automated reply of "this photo complies with the community guidelines" so there is photographic evidence (I screenshotted the reply) of their bullshit censorship.

Do what you can, please. Join the fight.

Context: For those who don't know I've been battling with sharing my content on social media for the last year, have been banned more times than I can remember off both Facebook & Instagram, I've had my business account shut down, and I'm on my last legs with IG for sharing about menstrual empowerment & sensual liberation. Not soft porn, like the above.

So, I'm honestly reaching the end of my tether & putting a call out to the universe for any tech (app specific) people in this community. I have an idea brewing that I want to brainstorm...

#stopthecensorship #censorshipBS #instagramisasham #liberateallbodies #liberateblackbodies #shutdownpornhub #censorship #freedomofexpression #allbodiesarebeautiful


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