Dancing & Non-Linear Movement

D A N C I N G ~ For me dancing is medicine. Dancing gets me into my body in an instant. A bit like s£x. When I’m dancing, time stops. When I’m dancing, I feel powerful. Feminine. Graceful. Fierce. Magnetic.⁠

⁠I have always loved dancing, since I can remember. I have an early memory of dancing to my parents' Now 60’s dance albums in the living room aged 8. I had some great leg/arm coordination.⁠

I have always been wooed by the sound of a good melody, rocked by a deep bass, and melted by sweet electronic sounds.⁠

I spent more of my time at Uni in raves than I did at lectures, dancing until the sun rose - driven by the music to keep going that bit longer (well, and maybe something else, too...)

Music is nectar. Dancing is medicine. ⁠

Dancing & embodiment go hand in hand, you see. You can quite literally dance through anything. Dance into anything. Dance as anything. Dancing is non-linear, feminine, responsive, reflective, receptive.⁠

Dance – embodiment – is a powerful way to transmute emotions. To figure something out. Dance drops you down from the busy-ness of the mind & its bias ways, into simply being of the body.⁠

Dancing allows you to feel, from the inside out. Dancing allows you to express what you are experiencing. Sadness. Joy. Sensuality. Primal longing. ⁠

Free, embodied movement - the way I like my dancing - is non-linear. It doesn't have rules, or steps to follow. There's no choreography or timing. It's pure intuition. I become the channel, a womxn possessed, as life force flows through me.

The beauty of allowing the body to move like this is it resets the nervous system, the brain, and the body to trust in intuitive movement. It allows the mind to break away from logic, plan, & precision, into the chaos and the unknown of the rhythm, of your body's knowing.

Feminine embodiment is the expression of everything. Not hiding behind masks. Not swallowing tears down. Not being or doing anything just to fit in, but being & doing everything because that’s how we break through old patterns and create change. That’s how we step fully into ourselves, by rejecting no part.

When I offer embodied movement at events & in 1:1 work, I’m often met by some resistance. I'm not used to dancing sober, or alone, they say.

I was the same once. I only danced when I was out & inebriated, and I danced in a club among a mass of other inebriated people. I danced self-consciously. Or I danced to fit in.⁠ The energy was totally different. The intention was totally different.

But using conscious dance as part of our embodiment process, as part of our daily ritual & worship, is so potent. To journey consciously through dance & embodied movement - and that's what it is, really, a journey - we have the power to move through what we are feeling. We give shape, and flow, and expression to our inner world.

Reclaiming your body, your Sovereignty, your knowing, includes reclaiming how you dance. How you move. How you show up. You can move it however you want if you just close your eyes and allow your body to move itself. There's no right or wrong, no "move" or "time" to match. Just flow.

You are a sensual, radiant being. You have all the right in the world to dance. There are no expectations. We’re here to impress no one. ⁠Let your body lead.

We are divine just as we are. So dance.⁠


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