The Patriarchy & Social Media

I’m writing this in my fury. I’ve been banned off any interaction on Facebook for 7 days.

What makes me more angry isn’t about the trivial social media channel, but that it isn’t my first ban. It’s my third, in a month.

The first ban was for 24 hours. The second ban for 3 days. Now this one: a week.

*See the offending photo, above. Note, I had censored out the nipple on the FB version, but here everything goes.

While I wouldn’t usually care about Facebook, and often wish I didn’t have to have it, I use it mainly as a platform to share my message. And my message is: THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO DO THIS WORK.

I am constantly seeing womxn’s bodies being censored, accounts being shadow banned for months at a time, I feel the blatent shaming, and at the same time I receive comments, "friend requests" and private messages from pervy misogynists who think that's ok.

If Facebook actually cared to read my posts or if they were to take any interest in my account other than to flat-censor, they would realise I am not a seedy porn page, but I am all about empowering women. Although, that is also probably why they are censoring it too.

We women are dangerous, see.

The best bit about all this is the post I wanted to share (which was allowed on Instagram) read:

“What does the term ‘wild woman’ invoke in you? What – or who – do you think of?

We have lost our connection to our wildness. To our primal instinct. To our deep intuitive knowing. To our sex. To our cycles. To our bodies.

That is our wild womxn. She who is connected above all to herself and to nature.

Yet we have been conditioned to fear her, this womxn. We have been oppressed into hiding ourselves, taming ourselves, quieting ourselves, conforming ourselves; playing into the submissive “good girl” / “housewife” role.

But this is not who we are. We are just suffering the Female wound, but that’s ok because it’s just temporary. And wounds can be healed.

All we need is to be guided back to our instincts. To our intuition. To our essence of who we really are.”

This is a prime example of the Female wounding. This is a prime example of the oppression. This is a prime example of being told to quiet down, to play safe. This is a prime example of how we are being pressured – and have been for centuries – to fit the mould expected of us.

But you know what Facebook. Up yours.

If you aren’t already aware, there most certainly is an uprising in awakened womxn, realising that this - the world right now - is not it. That this world we live in is the outdated paradigm. That there is a tidal wave force coming of us who are remembering who we truly are.

Those with the fire burning within them. The same fire that burnt our foremothers at the stake. Yes, we are witches. But we are not here to be hunted. We are here to be ourselves.

There are many of us who are standing out and fighting to be seen and heard – for all womxnkind and the collective. We are coming together to re-write HERstory & wrenching it out from the hands of the patriarchy who have held claim to it for too long.

Now is the time. And I need your help.

Sister, look within yourself. Do you hear her calling? That inner you, waiting to come out? That one who knows, deep down, that she isn’t meant to be sat behind a desk waiting for the bonus at Christmas; that she isn’t meant to push out babies because that’s what’s expected of her as a human with a vagina; that she isn’t meant to marry her childhood sweetheart because everyone else in her town has so she must too….

I URGE you. I IMPLORE you. To start listening. To close your eyes and really feel into what it is YOU want. What it is you really are. Who it is you really are.

Not what anyone else has told you you have to be, or should be.

What makes your heart sing? Where do you want to live? How do you want to spend your time? How to you want to experience life? Who do you want to make love to? What does pleasure really feel like for you, on your terms?

These questions are so vital to ask ourselves as they give us the answers and the truth. The truth, aside from the expectations. Aside from the roles.

Let’s leave our fair maiden caps at the door shall we and step into some sexy lingerie, as it were. Literally and figuratively, begin to strip yourself of anybody else you’ve been told to be in order to embody the real YOU.

Design for yourself your true YOU.

Who is she? Who could you be without being censored? Without the fear of judgement? Without the shackles of shame? What do you want to say, or scream, out loud?

Sisters, this is why we need to do this work.

If you feel called to join us, a gathering of wild womxn after a cause, a deep connection, a reclamation of power, a journey back to our bodies, then you are most welcome.

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