Embodying Your Sexuality

It’s not about your looks⁠

It’s not about your age⁠

It’s not about your experience⁠

It’s not about your heritage⁠

It’s not about your preference⁠

It’s not about your language⁠

Who you are & how you show up in your sexual expression is limitless⁠

It’s more expansive than check boxes of conventionality⁠

It’s however & whatever you want it to be⁠

Radical, raw⁠

Mad, modest⁠

Loud, coy⁠

It doesn’t matter ⁠& it’s ever-changing

It’s about your essence⁠

It’s about your energy⁠

It’s about your feelings of empowerment⁠

It’s about how you walk into the shop⁠

It’s about how you make your coffee⁠

It’s about how you speak to yourself in the mirror⁠

It’s about how you grant yourself more just because⁠

It’s about how you know you are deserving of the highest caliber⁠ of everything

When we carry the “excuses” that we aren’t sexual beings - we are enabling our own sexual saboteur ⁠

Because that is the greatest lie on earth⁠

In our very nature we are sexual beings⁠

And this is no bad thing⁠ - we have just become disconnected to it

So to come back to a sense of the sex goddess within, to steward your erotic awakening, it can be quite simple⁠

& we can start slow⁠

It starts with dropping your awareness down into your sex⁠

taking self responsibility for your pleasure⁠

practicing your confidence⁠

deepening into your feminine core⁠

building an inner sense of the masculine⁠ to feel safe & to witness without judgment

It’s about remembering that you are an erotic being on the deepest level⁠

It’s about returning to that truth⁠

Calling in the Goddesses, Aphrodite, Lilith, Isis⁠

Listening to your body’s fluctuations as you flow through your cycle⁠

Teasing & tasting new grounds of ecstasy because why the hell not⁠

Our sexuality is not about anything other than your truth⁠...

So let it be expressed⁠

Unleash the Goddess Retreat

27th-30th August

The Quaives, England


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