Fancy a Virtual Sensual Photo Shoot?

I can only speak from my own experience of the radical empowerment I personally get from having my picture taken, sensually.

The first shoot I was naked in a jungle with a womxn I'd met only a few days before (who after became a dear Sister, these experiences bond you!), and then in my lingerie boudoir style, and later full on with my tits out and see through tights on - each time my sense of self-empowerment and embodiment shining through even more.

I felt radiant.

And now pretty much every week I’m taking sensual photos because it makes me feel so fucking good. ⁠

⁠With each photo I allow myself to be cracked open more & more to be seen in my fullness & in my true essence.

Sensually liberated.⁠

Because I know of the power of sensual embodiment & photo shoots, Emma Ledwith & I have teamed up to create a new offering; Sensual Embodiment Session + Virtual Photo Shoot. An empowering & awakening two hour experience where you will leave deeply connected to your body, empowered, sensual, and with gorgeous digital photos to keep for life.⁠

This isn’t the awkward smiley posey shit you do when you’re younger, but a liberated, sensual, embodied version.

Letting your body lead & feminine essence shine.⁠

You’ll be working with myself for the first hour where I will be holding sacred space for you to drop into your body & flow through embodiment practices, enlivening pleasure, expanding your radiance through deep self connection and movement, so that you can connect to your sensual essence effortlessly come camera time.⁠

Emma will then work with you for the second hour creating her magick from the comfort of your own home! She made me feel & look like an absolute Goddess when I had a session with her over the summer (the above photo is from our virtual shoot) and I know she will for you too. You will receive over 20 edited digital photos from your sensual shoot & trust me you will not be disappointed.

“It was so powerful being witnessed in my feminine essence. I felt so lovely after being led by you that I was very comfortable and confident for the photo shoot... I will cherish the images & the memory of this experience for the rest of my life.”

A testimonial from our first sensual goddess who took this offering.⁠

For a limited time only we’re offering this empowering & awakening sensual experience for just £100.⁠

Get in touch if you’d like to connect more deeply to your body, see yourself for the gorgeous being that you are, and have digital sensual art to prove it.⁠

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