How to Activate Your Wild Woman

One of the archetypes that has become central to who I am as a facilitator, mentor, & guide of the Feminine has been my Wild Woman. She is my leading force.

But who or what is the Wild Woman, you might be asking?

While She is an archetype in the collective Feminine, She will be felt & expressed differently within each and every one of us.

Essentially, your Wild Woman is the womxn you were born to be, before all the BS we inherit through society and popular culture morphed you (& caged you) into something more "acceptable" & submissive. A waterd-down, dilulted version of your true self & potential.

She, this archetype, is deeply ingrained in our being. It’s not like some are born with Her and others aren’t – we all have Her alive inside us. It just might be that She needs to be activated & awakened, tis all.

If we haven’t met Her already, or don't feel connected to Her, it means our Wild Woman is probably lying dormant. She’s been repressed after all these years of Patriarchal rule – no wonder She's gone hiding!

But She is in there. And She is dying to come out.

So before we go any further: Ask yourself, what does the Wild Woman symbolise to you?

Each of us have a different relationship to our inner wild. She speaks to us in her own unique voice.

For some, She is the womxn who doesn't give a shit - and at the same time She is divinely sensitive.

For others, She is the womxn who loves tenderly and fucks hard; who looks at Herself in the mirror with fierce eyes & loves what She sees; who dances when there's no music playing; who expresses Herself through art & poetry.

But She's also the introvert, the Womxn quietly assured of her own power; the one who gardens & talks to the plants.

She is the womxn who says a full-bodied & pussied YES and who also firmly holds Her boundaries saying NO.

She paints with her blood & worships the moon. She's not afraid of Her sex, Her taste, Her wetness; Her appetite is vast & full and unashamed.

Our Wild Woman is She within us who craves freedom, aliveness, sensuality, eroticism. She is fearless & unapologetically herself; confident & assertive in her own Sovereignty.

She is so many things. She takes so many forms. She is within us all, every shape, size, colour - whether She manifests as the Fierce Mother, the Lover, the Wise Crone, the Virgin, the Whore, the Goddess...

So listen to Her, listen to your inner wisdom, your inner wild.

Close your eyes & drop into your body...

+ Who is She (You), who is your Wild Woman?

+ How does She express herself?

+ What is Her energy?

+ What does she inspire or awaken within you?

Hint: our Wild Woman can only be accessed through the body, because the body is the feminine realm. We cannot access our Wild Woman through the mind. The mind is the masculine realm, and the Wild Woman does not sit with the masculine - as we've seen!

Our Wild Woman is She who men are afraid of, & She who womxn want more of.

When you awaken to your Wild Woman, & have a felt and embodied resonance of who She is within you, you can tap into Her, activate Her & align with Her to achieve exactly what you want in life.

Connecting with the Wild Womxn has been pivotal for my own transformation. She has allowed me a way of being that I didn't know existed before. ⁠

radical freedom⁠

wild abandon⁠

rich sensuality⁠

electric sexuality⁠



reconnection to Self⁠

inner peace⁠

deep listening⁠

She has taught me how to stay in my wild feminine at the same time as dance with the masculine, to stay true to my own nature & remember who She is / I am, while channelling my ambition & devoting to work that is purpose-full & passion-filled.⁠

When we tap into our Wild Women, as a feminine collective, we are create HERstory. We change the future for our daughters and future generations. We live by example that we are strong empowered women, alive in our bodies, connected to our wants and needs and desires, alive in our sensuality & freely expressed with our sexuality.

We are not sinners – we are Sovereign beings. We are second to no one. We are powerful divine goddesses in our own right.

I invite you to think about how you can welcome your Wild Woman into your life.

+ Where do you think your Wild Woman can support you?

+ How can you coax her out of hiding & welcome her fully into your life?

When we bring our Wild Woman into our day to day lives, we can harness her energy & her spirit in all that we do.

When we learn to speak the language of our wild bodies, we radically reclaim our lives from the linear to the cyclical, self-empowering through the knowledge of our feminine mysteries, inner moon cycle & the seasons within us.

When we learn to live the way of the wild feminine, we honour our true way of being. We honour our wild, divine nature & we don’t try to compete with the hyper-masculine culture we live in. We learn to speak up, stand up, & take up space.

The Wild Woman doesn't hold her tongue when it comes to speaking her truth. We have been denied our voice for too long as women, and it’s time we took back our words and took up space in this world.

When we can channel our Wild Woman, when we can harness Her energy, we live fully as embodied and empowered women – and there’s no stopping us. Take up your space in this world, Sister. It’s time.

This is rebellion! This is Herstory!

Extra practice: I invite you to go get your journal: free write on your Wild Woman.

+ Can you sense Her in your body?

+ Has She spoken up before?

+ When do you feel Her most alive?

+ How can you awaken Her, more?

+ How can you turn your awareness inward, to listen for the wolf cry?

+ What does your Wild Woman want from you?

+ How does your Wild Woman want to support you?

Sit quietly, and let the words write themselves. See what comes out. When we learn to quieten the mind & drop into the body, we learn to trust our inner knowing & our intuition which is a woman’s most valuable asset. It's the voice of the wild.

If you'd like to journey with me deeper, I'd love to invite you onto my three-month 1:1 mentorship program which is a deep & transformational rewilding experience. Learn more, here.

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