Letting The Body Lead

How many times do you drop into your body? To actually quieten down & listen to your body’s wisdom? No judgement here, but be honest with yourself; this is for you to know how connected & present you are with YOU.

I remember a time that I was nowhere near connected to my body. She didn’t even get a look in, let alone a drop in. I was totally operating from the head-zone - and it was doing me no favours.

What I've learnt in the years that have passed & through my own journey down from head into body, is that the body never lies & the answer always lies within. The problem is - we can't find the answer when we aren't listening, & so we go seeking for it outside of ourselves.

When I'm speaking to a client or facilitating any kind of space, workshop or class, I always begin with a Drop In. To get present. To anchor ourselves in our bodies (myself included). To become aware, deeply. To drop in - to the body, to the moment, to the senses, to the feelings. To become attuned to our inner universe in this moment, now.

When we are connected to our bodies, we are connected to our power.

Have you ever wondered why you often feel spaced out? Or you have that persistent tummy ache? Or have that recurring itch “down there”?

It’s because we aren’t listening to our B O D I E S. Our bodies are clever things, they are only trying to support us to make our life as harmonious as possible. They are only trying to whisper to us their discomfort or disharmony, when they’re out of balance. They are trying to tell us ENOUGH! as we ply them with the wrong foods, when we don’t drink enough water, or get enough sleep. When we sleep with the wrong person, or when we don't uphold our sacred boundaries.

What do we do? Ignore it or pop a pill for a quick fix solution.

What happens? The body lets us know what's up. We break out in spots, we bloat, we get headaches, we get vagina issues, we get IBS. We get all the things that are symptoms of dis-ease.

The beauty of re-wiring ourselves to L I S T E N is that we reap the benefits almost immediately. When we drop into the body and turn within to really feel and experience the subtleties of our felt senses, the emotions, the textures of thoughts – we have a totally different experience of life & of ourselves.

But this doesn’t come until and unless we stop leading from the head and start living in the body. Through feminine embodiment practices, we are shown that the way back in is where our power lies.

Too often in this modern world are we told to seek help & solutions OUTSIDE of ourselves. We go to the doctor, we take a pill, we drink, or get high, as remedy to our pains & problems. We aren't told to start first with looking at what lies WITHIN, before we detach, numb, deflect, give up... ⁠ ⁠

Because of this, without realising, our default is to give our power AWAY instead. We trust someone else to tell us how we feel & how we "should" be feeling, rather than listening to our own inner wisdom; rather than tuning into our own bodies.⁠

Sister, you are the answer to all the questions, the problem is we live in a system that is set up to DIS-EMPOWER us.

Empowerment is not profitable, you see. If we can sort ourselves out, how are the pharmaceutical companies going to make money, or the bars & breweries?⁠

⁠We can provide our own remedies. How? ⁠ ⁠ + Starting by taking time to sit with yourself, asking your body what is wrong⁠ ⁠ + Moving the emotions through your body⁠ ⁠ + Intuiting the signs and symptoms yourself, feeling into the ebbs and flows of your energy⁠ ⁠ + Attuning to the cycles of moon, earth & cosmos⁠ ⁠ + Familiarising yourself with your inner universe⁠ ⁠ Our bodies are infinitely wise. We're just not used to trusting them.⁠ ⁠ Now I'm not saying, ditch your therapist or never go to the doctor again. All I'm saying is we can create a new world in which we are empowered to heal ourselves. But we have to lead by example.⁠ ⁠ When we commit to the wild feminine & embodied living, we commit to living through, in, of & as the body.⁠ And when we choose to live like this, we are power-full, not power-less.⁠ We can live in harmony, pleasure, ease, & joy.

Doesn't that sound tempting? ⁠

Journal prompts:

How connected do you feel to the wisdom that lies within, right now?

What practices do you have to guide you back to your body?

If you're curious to learn more about how you can become more body-conscious & body literate, I'd love to support you! Contact me & let's have a chat about what that might look like.


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