New Month, New Season, New You?

When I left the UK three years ago, I would not have believed you if you’d have told me that I’d be who I am now. I would have scoffed if you’d predicted that I’d be working with womxn, empowering them towards their inner wisdom & helping them connect to their bodies, paving the way for inner transformation to access their wild & emboldening them to choose the life they want – according to their own rules.

Nope, wouldn’t have believed you. I was too blind to see, back then, that there was another way.

To get here - to this other way - has been an interesting and bumpy road, I tell you. Not a gilded path. And even now there are moments where it feels all together too much. A task too intimidating and achievable.

But then I catch myself: that’s not the point. There isn’t anything to “achieve” – this is where we always trip up on! We (as a society) always want to “achieve”: the best salary, the best looks, the ideal weight; or we want to achieve the perfect partnership, or perfect sex life.

And look, it’s getting most of us nowhere!

We must understand that we need to simply “be”. Be in whatever state and be in whatever moment we find ourselves in, because at that moment that is what is supposed to be. Be the womxn that we are meant to be.

When we try and control our fate and control our lives, that is when suffering happens. When we live too far in the masculine (doing, achieving, A-B’ing) we forget to surrender to the flow (feminine). We forget that we are cyclical beings, as womxn, and that things can - & are meant to - change & transform.

Life isn't meant to be simply achieved, box ticked, because our never-satisfied minds will want the next thing as soon & it will go on and on...

Perpetuating dissatisfaction, discontent, disconnection as we seek things that are outside of ourselves.

When we turn within & start listening to the body & her wisdom, when we learn to read our rhythms and cycles, trusting our intuition, dropping out of the mind & into the body; this is how we learn to live in our power. This is how we learn to live in our wild.

This summer has been a busy and fulfilling time for me, personally. I have been apart from my partner for nearly three months and one of the blessings in disguise is that it has allowed me so much time to be alone with myself. To rediscover & reclarify what it is I want. To dedicate myself fully to my path.

I have more time to be selfish, to do exactly the things I want to do & when I want to do them. Caveat: my partner never stopped me doing anything, ever, but it’s different having this kind of space (physical, mental, and energetic) to fully attune and wildly align with what it is I am trying to cultivate and call in for myself, in my work & my life, personally.

Reflecting on the past few months, it has been a huge period of growth & expansion, a period of clarity & energy. I have been working with an amazing womxn, Nikki Turner, as my business coach who has helped guide me through completely new terrain; holding my hand to learn what I needed to make sense of it all in holistic fem-powered businesswomxnship.

I have also been working with my own feminine embodiment coaches who have provided incredible insight and tools for me to use along my own (constant) journey back to my body and my Self, & tools that I am now using for my clients, too, to support them with creating a life they are wildly aligned with.

When we collaborate & work together, as womxn, aligned with the wild feminine (with a healthy dose of masculine), devoted to our paths, we can watch the ripples of transformation inspire the collective & bask in the wake of our own self-discovery & Sovereignty.

Doing this, though, takes time & space & courage. And constant reminders that there isn’t anything to “achieve” along the way; simply explore & experience & be.

It takes real dedication to change, to transform, to keep digging and asking the questions; to become the best & truest version of yourself – not the version expected of you. It’s not all love & light, either, we’re welcoming in the “dark” & the “shadow”, too. Everything is allowed here.

When we dedicate ourselves to this journey within, we can become really clear on our passions, our paths, our truths, our likes & dislikes. We see clearly who or what does not serve us & is not in alignment with what we really want. We realise maybe we have been living a certain way that is actually not empowering and is keeping us small and tame. We might realise also that we don’t know who we are at all.

And that’s ok.

This is an ongoing journey into the depths of who it is we really are. And we will change, too, many times. (Gosh, I have!)

As we're now at the 1st September, a new month, it is time to look at what has changed in order to stay aligned & on my path. I have been contemplating what I want to call in for this new month. There are changes happening in my personal life. I’m going to be moving to a new community (TBC). My partner will finally get his visa & join me!

Seasonally, we are also being called to slow down, shed, & edit our lives in the advent of autumn. At the same time, with Friday's new moon, it is another cycle of new beginnings, a time to generate new ideas & new creations.

So, I invite you, to find some quiet time and take a little inventory of where you are currently in your life.

+ Visualise where you would like to be.

+ Write down what it is you want to be different in your life.

+ Write down, imagine, create, dream up, & feel into the womxn it is you want to be.

+ And then see what needs to happen to make that change.

My new offering – Awaken Your Wild eCourse - helps with exactly this!

Awaken Your Wild is the perfect intro for anyone at the early stages of their foray into rewilding & is designed to support you on manifesting & magnetising what it is you want to call into your life, now & in the future. To support & awaken the womxn it is you really want to be (your wild self).

This 28-day journey, set along a moon cycle, is completely self-led – so you’re in control! - and it is an introductory journey inward for everyone - those at the beginning & those seasoned voyagers. There are questions, prompts, practices, exercises, explorations, rituals, discoveries... All you need is to dedicate the time to self-explore. Feeling into & figuring out what it is you really want & how you want to live; wildly free & unapologetic. Getting clear on your wants, needs, & desires, and what it means to be in a womxn’s body; sensual, sexual, connected to her cycles & rhythms.

Awaken Your Wild eCourse is an online format & includes;

-60+ page course book Awaken Your Wild with 28 explorations, journal prompts, and embodiment & empowerment practices

- 4x guided meditations (Womb Wisdom, Wise Woman, Sisterhood, & Abundance & Harmony)

- 60-minute 1:1 feminine embodiment session to anchor the explorations into the body & answer any questions you have about your own journey

To find out more about my eCourse, click here.

If you'd like to learn more about the journey & how it might help you, send me an email to or contact me through the Contacts page and I can answer any questions!

I'd love to support you on this journey.

PS: can we just appreciate the incredible artwork done for me by Amanda Hails?? Go stalk her over on Instagram & show her some love: @amanda.lynn.hails

  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach
  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach

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