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Seven Days of Pleasure Challenge

I want to start a revolution to LOVE ON OURSELVES ALL THE TIME - are you with me?

Do you desire to know what real empowered pleasure feels like, what turns you on, and how to play with the dial within your own sensitivity spectrum? Maybe you're feeling uninspired with solo foreplay & crave a deeper activation of the more subtle senses? For 7 days starting Monday 2nd March, I'll be releasing a FREE daily "challenge" plus a fun at-home practice to get you into your bodies, cultivating your pleasure potential, switching on your senses, & helping you to feel more fully alive, beautiful & vibrant!⁠ ⁠ These practices will be fun, they'll turn you on, they'll teach you more about what you like (& what you don't), you can learn how to activate new parts of you, & simply surrender to your senses for ONE WHOLE WEEK!⁠ ⁠ How does that sound?⁠ ⁠ If you're feeling turned on even by the sounds of it, GOOD!⁠ I'll be posting the challenges on Instagram, on my page (here) OR you can get the challenge straight to your inbox to do at home, in your own time, when you sign up here. Who’s it for? It’s for the womxn who wants to take pleasure into her own hands (remember - pleasure isn't exclusively sexual) & learn how to access & live through, in and as pleasure ALWAYS.

Are you feeling the tease? Join the Pleasure Party!

Starts on the 2nd - 8th March. Sign up HERE.