Sex Sells & Here's Why

There’s a yearning a hunger for the truth of what it means to fuck, to make love, to have sexual intimacy.

The desire to merge bodies and become one complete entity, to have a taste of the divine through coming together, bodies writhing between the sheets of bliss.

We see it in Hollywood movies, we read about it in books, we’re counselled in the back pages of Cosmo. We have this *idealised version* of what it is meant to feel like, look like, sound like...

And of course, this is not the reality for most.

We often use sex as a balm for suffering, loneliness, as an addict would seek its next hit to numb the pain of life.

We use it for bartering, rewards & manipulation.

We use pleasure to escape boredom and emotions, chasing a biochemical high.

Why? Because beneath all that we humans crave so deeply to be held, be felt, be received with tenderness, to be accepted and loved ~ like an infant by its mother.

To truly feel Oneness with the divine/source/god(dess), as a remedy for the feeling of extreme separation, the fracturing of soul.

Yet what if we were told, from the start, that our sex, that what we desire, is not sinful or shameful? We deserve to learn that eros is our life force, energetic aliveness, the pulse of our very existence.

Instead what we see in this world is a sorry state of sexual affairs.

As womxn we are so ready to overthrow the boxes, the judgements, the shelved mum & housewife motifs that keep us sexless after our reproductive duty is checked off, job done. We are through with limiting our sexual potential to a brief honeymoon period; accepting poisonous beliefs that marriages void of intimacy and attraction are the norm.

As womxn we have been beaten down by the assumptions of submission. We are done being prey.

We’re so ready to address the energetic erotic imbalances & distortions we see in this world through domination, porn, abuse, #metoo, as sex has been become another commodity of patriarchy, capitalism, currency.

Power over, money, war, revenge.

Sex has become a product of consumption, our craving needs, want, grasp, cling, for more. It's become a thing of double standards; ok for some and not for others. It's become a billion dollar industry. It's both legal and illegal.

Sex is a confused and distorted thing that desperately deserves to be integrated into this society - for the good of all - because there is a deep wounding in this world that doesn’t respect the beauty and purity of sex.

It confuses dark with shadow.

It assumes light is good.

We’re told you get vanilla or BDSM, nothing in between.

But this isn’t true.

The feminine in particular has suffered for her sex, for her innate erotic essence.

Witch bitch whore ~ the terrible trio of names, slander.

You’re either a slag or your frigid as you grow through teenage years, defined with a blanket slur that taints you and your sexual experiences until you decide No More.

This is what drove me to create my program The Erotic Feminine ~ because I know we are thirsty, our pussies ready to open, receive & remember the divine of our erotic desires.

To welcome the wild nature of our sex.

To understand the innocence of our sensual maiden.

To integrate the slutty temptress within.

It’s time for change. To bring sexuality & empowerment together, to marry intimacy with the erotic, to liberate shame for more pleasure, confidence, & to express our erotic free of judgement & limitations

Don’t you agree?

Doors are open for the next round of The Erotic Feminine. We begin on the 21st February.

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