Shame & The Erotic

One of the words that comes up so often when working with womxn is SHAME.⁠

Shame that may come in different forms, designs, & nuances ~ but the same shame nonetheless.⁠

An inherited shame. A shame we don’t quite know the reason nor root for. We just know it’s there.⁠

A bondage of Patriarchy, as Katie Spataro names it.⁠

In reality, we are born divine & innocent, think of Baby You. So pure. Yet dogmas like religion, culture and patriarchy convince us that just by having a body we are born into sin. And that this body can feel pleasure & wants to have its desires met, means that we must repent for eternity ~ whether they are fulfilled or not.

So we end up hiding behind the fig leaf, afraid to express our true self, we dress up our vulnerability for fear of being truly naked. Intimate.⁠

We suffer through attacks of shame, like a fever that runs hot drenching us in toxic sweat. Reminding us that we are wrong, bad, dirty.⁠

Erotic is our base, primal nature. It's not "dirty" or "debased".

Erotic is a word that draws so many of us in, desperate to feel more, to express this hidden side of Self, shoved it into the shadows. A side we keep underground, a side with baggage & labels attached to it.⁠

Reminder: it is not a crime to celebrate your sensuality or evoke your eroticism.


Beauty, your body is divine.⁠


Your sexuality is divine.⁠


Your erotic expression is divine.⁠⠀


Your needs, wants, & desires are divine.⁠⠀


TRUTH BOMB TIME: We have been made to believe that we (by being sexual womxn) are sinful, that we are "sluts", that we are worth LESS than the other womxn who keeps her legs together.⁠


No no no.⁠ That's a few thousand years of patriarchal BS right there... but that's for another time!


You have every right to express yourself. To play with yourself. To admire yourself. To celebrate yourself.⁠⠀


You have every right to take sensual selfies, to gaze lovingly at yourself, to adorn yourself (or not!) in any way you want.⁠⠀


Your body is a temple, a sacred vessel. Honour your eros, your life force.⁠⠀

You are a womxn untamed, destined to thrive in her wildness; free, electric & magnetic. Sensual, sexual, alive. Don't settle for less.

Learn to tune back into your natural rhythm & sacred cycle; your wisdom. Empowered.

Shed the shackles of shame so that Orgasmic living becomes effortless. 

A new pleasure paradigm is ready for you.

A world where sluts are sacred.

Wouldn't it be so refreshing to live the life you want, unapologetically, fully expressed?


Let us divorce the shame from our bodies, from the Erotic. Life is too damn short to deny ourself of full feeling, full pleasure, full experience.⁠

Come, gather with like-spirited, erotic, & sensual womxn at my next virtual Sensual Slumber Party a deeply intimate, empowering, healing & sensual evening (or midday depending on where you are!) to celebrate our erotic expression & feminine sexuality - and mostly, RADICAL SELF LOVE.⁠

AND if you've already been to one, then email me for a discount code to save when you come back for more!

Grab your ticket, here.

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