The Erotic Feminine

Womxn, do you desire to express your erotic self?

Do you crave to move your body freely, unashamed?

Do you long to feel yourself be overcome by the rhythm & pulse of your own sex?

Does your body yearn for sensual softness, erotic wild, feminine flow?

Are you seeking a safe place in which to be held with tender & intimate devotion?

Do you desire to speak of your sexuality & your needs?

To tap into the deep wellspring of your sexuality through embodied movement?

To usher your erotic self out into the room & dance with her?

To sway with your sensual maiden?

To cast spells with your sexual energy?

Are you free to gather with womxn on the dark moon & after longest day of the year? To celebrate the sacred dance of solar & lunar, feminine & masculine, yin & yang within?

I do hope so.

It’s clear that we ALL need some more intimacy in our lives, not with others but with ourselves. Covid or no covid, giving ourselves self love (which is self care) often falls by the wayside (& we can see the effects of this lack of love in the way we treat our fellow humxns - PS: Black Lives do Matter).⠀

Connecting with ourselves sensually is a thing we all want to learn how to do more of ~ I can see that in the sales of Pathway to Pleasure.

I know that so many womxn are craving an outlet or a guide for their erotic expression. So many of us are desperate to unleash the dark sensual primal part of ourselves.... but it feels unsafe, or we want guidance & to be held space for.


Come join us to celebrate our erotic expression & feminine sexuality together, virtually, at the next Sensual Slumber Party or during my powerful four-week group program, The Erotic Feminine, if you're looking for a deeper dive.

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