The Wild Woman & my Eating Disorder

I suffered disordered eating throughout most of my teenage years & falling in and out of the trap throughout my twenties. I remember at 26 wondering how it was so easy to have shrunk myself again & still think “I’m not thin enough yet.”⠀

But it was that same year, after my 27th birthday & a big break up that something shifted. My Wild Woman rose from her slumber & cried her wolf cry & I listened. ⠀

I am so thankful for her role in my full recovery because she taught me how to truly love my body. No ifs or buts.⠀

I can see so clearly now with clients who don’t 100% love their bodies yet that it is because they haven’t fully integrated their Wild nature. They are still one foot out. Trapped by the deeply entrenched programs, scale numbers & size tags on their clothes.⠀

But the Wild Woman doesn’t give a fuck about any of that. She reminds you to FEEL from your body, not look at it through a lens of the masculine (& toxic at that): numbers, values don’t mean anything to her, she doesn’t speak in that language.⠀

Your Wild Woman wants you inside. Asking “do I feel comfortable today?” “do I feel healthy” “what do I want to eat” “what does my body want in this moment”.

She rebels against diets & measures that dis-empower you from knowing what you actually want and how much.⠀

When we fully hand over the reins to our Wild Feminine, we throw all desire to conform onto the fire & we descend deeply into trusting our intuition.⠀

It then becomes so easy to eat what feels good. And we know when to stop. We don’t question the chocolate, or punish the glass of wine. We honour our sacred vessel & we do what feels aligned.⠀

My rewilding was so supportive in my journey with body love, body acceptance and body worship. While I do believe an eating disorder never fully leaves the body’s experience, its stamp so deeply pressed, the body does regain autonomy & the mind follows.

Because you no longer care. You no longer compare. You are wild. Free. Naturally beautiful. Happily so. You don’t need to compare your worth, or weight. Dress sizes don’t matter.

I said to someone the other day: who would you be & what would you eat if you lived in a cave? What would your natural wild state be? (Not the state you THINK you should be). Then that is your natural body size/weight.

I told another client to throw away the scales the other day. They don’t serve you in any way. Learn to trust your body & view her from a place of respect and love - not depending on lbs or calories.

Let that be something to ponder. And let my recovery story be one not of awe or congratulations, but a reminder that you have that power already within you, too, to change the way you feel about your body.⠀

Call on her for support. Or message me, & I’ll give her a nudge for you.

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