Fetishising the Weird & Wild⁠

The world likes to fetishise the weird & the wild

And so with that, it’s vital that we hold space for everything which doesn’t fall in that category

Without valuing one over the other⁠

Without putting one on a pedestal & the other not⁠

I’m speaking especially into erotic desires & expressions⁠

Whether you like it rough & kinky⁠

Or slow and sensual⁠

To be pinned down & dominated⁠

Or to savour the swirling energetic currents⁠

It’s all worthy⁠

Each & any expression of your sexuality is as valid⁠

There is no one “more advanced” or “more expressed” than the other⁠

One doesn’t show maturation & the other not⁠

What I am constantly reminding my clients is to ease from the comparison of⁠

“he/she’s/they’re kinkier/wilder than I am”⁠

or “but I’m not THERE yet” (wherever “there” is)⁠

or “I really want to be into it but I’m not”⁠

& instead trust that whatever feels good & safe & expansive & wet & juicy for your body and in your partnership(s) then that’s your erotic and pleasure pathway; that’s your blueprint⁠

The Wild Woman always draws more attention that her Sensual sister, we want to express that primal side, & because it is less understood, it’s less embodied in most.... which makes it more desired⁠

This society gets off on kink, we love the subversive and the edgy⁠

We are turned on by what we feel is naughty, but it doesn’t mean we ACTUALLY want to experience it or that it is our own personal truth ⁠

I work with womxn who follow their wild wisdom & dark desires intuitively, and it guides them to me and my offerings ⁠

Just as much as I work with womxn who are less activated by this part. Sure they know of it & it feels exciting but when they get real with themselves they’re like “actually I’m not into it and that’s ok”⁠

They remember they get to choose the expression of themselves that feels the most authentic

So this is a reminder to you to honour your truth & your sexual essence (& any essence) without feeling like it needs to be changed or updated to “fit in”⁠

If you’re a slow & sensual lover, beautiful, I honour you⁠

If you’re a kinky little bitch, I honour you too ⁠

You are you babe & that’s rad AF⁠

I see you⁠

I celebrate you⁠

Doors open for the next round my three month 1:1 mentorship if you're curious to explore and empower your unique essence - whatever that feels like! - & embody that unapologetically. And it is sooo much more than a journey of sexual liberation - it's liberation of self! Full expression of self. The erotic part is only one juicy layer.... ‍

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