Uncoil The Serpent

⁠Our eros is our life force. Our eros is that coiled serpent that lies at the base of our spine - yet sadly, for most people, it lies dormant. Repressed as it has been for millennia, the serpent has stayed down, along with our potential for true sexual expression.

We've become so good at taming ourselves, submitting, pretending we aren't sexual beings, crossing our legs tighter because that's what "the Good Girl" does that we've lost touch with our primal erotic essence, to our seductress, to the purity & innocence of our sex.⁠

⁠And why is working with this energy important? Because it is an unravelling, an uncoiling, & an awakening of our LIFE FORCE.⁠

It’s a journey back to aliveness. ⁠

It’s a journey back to the feminine.⁠

​It's a journey back to desire.⁠

It’s a journey back to the primordial.⁠

​It's a journey back to magnetism.⁠

​It’s a journey back to honouring the sacred.⁠

It’s a journey back to power.⁠

It’s a journey back to YOU.⁠

Working with this energy - Eros -  is no joke. It’s big & it’s bold. It has the power to create, to destroy. ⁠

Not everyone is ready to awaken the serpent, because much transformation can happen! Lifting of the veils, a seeing through the BS, a new lease of life, as it were. It's a “no going back” kinda feeling, once you’ve had a taste of erotic freedom... ⁠

Plus, how can we be sexually invested in another if we aren't with ourselves?⁠

Now consider, what do these four archetypes - ⁠Sensual Maiden⁠, Sacred Slut⁠, Wild Woman⁠, Tantra Queen - ⁠have in common?⁠

Their EROTIC essence.⁠

In today's world, the feminine is cut off from these powerful archetypes within - yet we all have them.⁠

We're busied away, stuck up in the head.⁠

We're burdened by commitments, responsibilities that steal us away from our bodies. From our sex.⁠

We become very good, expert in fact, at repressing the urges, fantasies, & desires that swirl within our loins, that beat within our heat.⁠

We don't have time / We're worried about what X might think / It doesn't fit into the version of myself I outwardly present⁠.

But I'm calling BS on all that.⁠

It's time to take off the cloak of convenience & start to listen to your erotic essence.⁠

It's no wonder we feel lacklustre, we submit & accept bad sex, we unconsciously rub ourselves off for a burst of excitement⁠...

But it doesn't have to be this way.⁠

It can be deeper, more intentional, more connected, raw, real, divine.⁠

It's already there, it's already in you!⁠

Come, Goddess. Are you ready to uncoil the serpent? Are you ready to embody your erotic essence & slut-drop into 2021…

/ sexually confident

/ able to connect more deeply with your sensuality

/ magnetic & seductive in your feminine energy​

/ in touch with your primal erotic nature

/ unashamed to celebrate your body, your desires, & your sex 

/ liberated & free to be whoever the F you want to be

We're waiting for you... My new four-week group program,⁠ The Erotic Feminine, will teach you all this.

Early bird ends on Friday 20th. We begin on the 29th November.

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