What Do Women Want?

I want to share something with you - it might resonate. After all, this has come from the hearts, souls, and pussies of womxn perhaps just like you. Even myself.

So many womxn I speak to and work with tell me of the same desires:

+ they want to deeply love themselves (without if's or but's) + they want to step into their power + they want to share their voice without fear + they want to remember who the fuck they are (before they lost themselves in the myriad of roles we learn to play as we grow up) + they want to experience deeper connection to their body + they want to connect to their feminine essence + they want to shift into a healthy masculine (most of us operate in unhealthy masculine energies without realising) + they want to drop into their body more (and out of the busy-ness of the mind) and connect with their pleasure + they want to give less fucks about what people think of them + they want to do/say/be the thing that burns in their core, on their tongue, and in their pussy

Does that ring a bell?

I for sure have felt all of the above, too. Which is how my work was birthed, because I have LIVED EXPERIENCE of the same things and the same desires as you.

I've been along the same journey, yes it looked different, but the lessons were the same, the programs were the same, the deep desires were the same. And so I wanted to support womxn all around the world with the tools, practices, and teachings that I have learnt, and continue to learn, along my own journey of self-awareness, self-responsibility, and self-intimacy.

Each and every one offering I have created has been birthed BECAUSE I have felt the same ways you have.

I've felt stuck, trapped, frustrated, lacking drive or direction, I've been unfeeling and disconnected to my sex, I've been turned off by life...

I've felt it all!

And so I have created my offerings to create long-lasting embodied shifts. And trust me, I know they work because they worked for me and because the womxn I work with tell me they work for them, too!

I want to point you over to one offering in particular, my tweaked, extended, upgraded (& actually very epic!) eight-week group program Wild Feminine Way which is currently enrolling for the next intake beginning 1st October.

It's my most intimate group program & is more like a group mentorship, really.

One of the beautiful womxn in the last intake wrote of it,

"The container that Fiona creates penetrates through old patterning, feminine wounding, and resentments and reveals the individual, empowered, embodied woman within who is crying out for release. The freedom I experienced from the insight of this program is unparalleled and I will be continuing to utilize this material again and again. I feel much more aligned with my inner wisdom and am a stronger and more unapologetic woman because of this course." - Grace, Canada - April 2020, Wild Feminine Way Group

The activations & shifts speak for themselves.

So if you're resonating with the above desires and feel called to join an intimate group of us to journey together from 1st October to close this radically transformative 2020 as a different woman, not the womxn you started this year as, but the REAL you, then send me a message. Here's a snippet of what the eight weeks will look like (though subject to the divine feminine spontaneity & random impulses of course!);

Week 1: Opening Circle to gather as a group for the first time, to set powerful intentions, to be witnessed in claiming them to the Universe, and to connect with the Sisters on the journey. This first week is a welcoming into the way of the Wild Feminine & what's to come with a teaser of the modalities.​

Week 2:  Answer the wolf cry as you have chosen to honour the call, the awakening within, the deep knowing that you want change; taking a healthy dose of truth serum to get clear on what is aligned & what is not; learning how the current System is keeping you caged & how you can start to make more empowered choices & changes; begin to integrate your Wild Sovereign Womxn as she wakes from her slumber.

Week 3:  Embody your fierce truth by claiming what it is you really want; voicing your needs, wants, & desires; relearning how to say yes & no and stay in your power; understand more about how roles play into limiting beliefs & keep you from your fullest expression; how feminine embodiment practices can support emotional release; & understand more about how you can break out of collective conditioning.​

Week 4:  Respect the sacred vessel that is your body through practices of self love, self care, & deep inner nourishment by learning the importance of conscious consumption - on an energetic, physical, and sexual level; learn exercises to release toxicity, to harmonise & rebalance your energetic system; understand how imbalance is manifested in your body through dis-ease; and establish a life-changing self-celebration practice to shift your vibration.​

Week 5:  Explore your pleasure potential through connecting more deeply to your senses to cultivate sensual living & redefining what pleasure means to you; approach your narrative around body image & how that affects your capacity for embodiment & enjoyment; learn tantric pussy worship practices, yoni care, & female sexual anatomy; at-home practices to continue your exploration of body love & sensual pleasure.​

Week 6:  Honour the wisdom of the womb as you learn more about your inner cycles & sacred monthly blood; explore the archetypes & seasons of our cycles and what living cyclically means; learn about feminine wounding & how that shows up collectively and how you can work to move past genetic trauma; karmic imprints from past lovers & how they are stored in your body.​

Week 7:  Shadow work & integration of your inner light & dark archetypal shadows; explore the most common & unhealthy patterns & behaviours womxn indulge in unconsciously & harmfully; shed light & awareness into the dark for empowered & full self-acceptance; step into radical self-responsibility & self-observation; shift from shame & judgement and alchemise pain into power.​

Week 8:  Self Love(r) weaves it all together as you anchor in practices to support you in fully showing up in your true essence; learn to dance & harmonise healthy feminine & masculine energies within; commit to loving yourself fully & completely; become your best lover; learn how to give yourself everything you need so that you can live from a place of embodied self love & security, wild, sacred & powerful.​

And you can find out way more about what's included, here.

Combined with accountability, witnessing, sisterhood, community, ritual, and ceremony - this program will shift you on a CELLULAR level. I'm not kidding.

Are you feeling the call to join me and a small & very fabulous group of womxn? Spaces are limited & I want you with me. I'm having calls with those interested and who have more questions, but if you're like FUCK YES already CLICK HERE and choose your payment plan* and sign up.

I can't wait to hold space for your rewilding.

Fiona x

*There are options available to split payment over a few months to make the commitment a bit easier, too - but let me know if you would like a personalised plan.

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