The Power of Sister Circles

I’m going through a period of integration after an incredible few days over in the Spanish countryside of Huesca, just outside Barcelona, where we gathered for Agni Spirit Festival. A festival of love, community, yoga, wellness, live discussions, workshops, classes, ecstatic dances, ceremonies, rituals…. My heart is full.

For many who know me, I love a good festival! I’m not sure there’s been a year in the past decade that I haven’t been to at least one – though this is the first time I’ve been on the “other side” as a facilitator. Festivals are some of my favourite places on earth; the sense of community & radical freedom is intoxicating. The way that people gather and share, open up, dance, speak, laugh – get REAL – together in these spaces is usually a far cry away from the “norm” of their day to day lives.

I’m speaking from experience when I used to work and live in London, playing a character of my life in the 9-5 & then allowing myself to be a completely different humxn being at a festival: mySelf. I felt as if I was given permission to be ME. To let all the weird and the wonderful out. To dance with my eyes closed as if I were the only one there. To make friends with my tent neighbours and form a bond as if I’d known them for life. To find safety in numbers and feeling I wasn’t alone in my wild-ness. To gather in community of like-minded souls.

Agni was a beautiful festival nestled in a dry rocky valley with cliffs to the south and to the north. There was a lake in the middle, a big pool of energy with its turquoise waters inviting you for an early morning dip and welcoming you back throughout the day as the weather turned hotter still.

A vortex of pulsing feminine energy was created between the land, the lake, the humxns, and the rich and enlivening co-created offerings.

While this was a substance-free festival, it has been hard to come down from the high of pure connection & inspiration from everything and everyone on offer.

I was honoured to be invited to facilitate a Sister Circle in the Red Tent, Tierra de Luna, and with that invitation woke within me a greater sense of responsibility. While this isn’t my first Circle, of course, it inspired a renewed knowing that sharing the wisdom of the womb is really (one of) my callings.

On the Saturday, we gathered as a powerful group of womxn under the crimson canopy, under the womb. We shared stories about our first menstruation, stories of shame & lack of understanding, of feeling misunderstood, of symptoms of the patriarchal conditioning we as womxn suffer just by bleeding; by suffering “the curse”.

We offered each other counsel sharing natural remedies and relief & recounting similar experiences as young girls as we moved through this rite of passage into womxnhood. I guided a meditation through the seasons and the archetypes, inviting a deeper felt understanding within texture of our experience of these fundamental aspects and cycles of ourSelf as womxn that we often have forgotten. It was a beautiful gathering bringing Sisters together from around the world from Scotland, Australia, Spain, Italy, and Poland.

My heart (& womb) wanted to burst.

Every Sister Circle brings to it different magic, whether in a festival or not. In gathering together like this we are reclaiming the ancient practices of womxn who used to group around a fire, sharing, supporting, witnessing, with a deep sense of community and family.

Nowadays confiding in womxn in this way, especially with womxn you don’t know, can feel scary, intimidating & vulnerable. And that’s totally valid, for we don’t live in a culture or society usually where these gatherings are common.

While we aren’t burnt at the stake anymore, there is a lingering scepticism and distrust of womxn (by many folks) who gather together in their feminine force.

We have been programmed to distrust our Sisters, to fear them as threats. The Sister Wound runs deep.

We are feared because we are powerful creatures. We commune with our bodies. We commune with the land. We are daughters of the earth and of all mothers. We have a Sisterhood around the world. And when we gather like this, in Circle, it scares people. “What do they talk about?” they say, “What’s going on in there?”

Simply, we are reclaiming ourSelves. We are reclaiming our rights. We are reclaiming our bodies; our bleeds.

We are remembering our inner wisdom. Our inner knowing.

We are aligning with the moon. We are aligning with the seasons. We are playing in our archetypes, embodying the Goddesses. We talk about magick and plant medicine. We set spells in intentions we want to manifest for the higher good of all.

Simply; we are gathering to raise global consciousness. We are raising the feminine frequency. We are uprising as awakened womxn – alive in our divine feminine.

The way to our divine feminine is: we must connect back to our wombs. Whether we physically have a womb or not and whether or not we still bleed, we still all have this energetic centre deep within us. Whether or not we have birthed babies or birthed projects and businesses, we are all mothers.

The way back to ourSelves and back to our innate and divine power is through communication with, and in holding reverence to, our wombs. Our wombs are the portal back to Self.

As womxn, our wombs are our power centre. When we fall out of alignment with our cycles, or simply loose any awareness of our bleeds, we become disconnected to our essential nature and therefore the greater Nature.

Is it a coincidence that we are so abusive of Mother Earth when we are so disrespectful of, and disconnected to, our own bodies?

When we heal from within to without, we heal the great Ma, too. When we remember we are all children of the earth, we will stop stealing from and hurting our great Mother. When we heal, she heals, and vice versa.

Our cycles are sacred, yet they are so misunderstood. So shamed.

Through creating an open dialogue with our womb space, we can unearth so much potential as a womxn in our full power.

When we gather as womxn in Red Tents & Circles like this, even at a friend’s house, or over a cup of tea, we can start to revive these rites and rituals. We can begin the reclamation and respect of our bodies. We can walk towards radical freedom and welcome the revolution deep within, with our arms open.

Slowly, we realise how conditioned we have become – how we are so much MORE than we have ever thought possible within the confines of our society. We are infinitely powerful. We are not to fear our Sisters or our cycles. We are to work with them, just like we are to work with Mother Earth.

Whether or not you go to festivals, or have ever been to a Red Tent, or even a Sister Circle, I invite you to think about who you really are as a womxn.

Who is it you want to be in this world?

What is it that is standing in the way of you being this womxn?

Where are you being un-true to yourSelf?

How can you connect back to Self?

How can you connect back to Nature, Mother Earth?

I invite you to place your hands in the space beneath your belly button and between your pubic bone. Hold your hands here. Over your womb. Don’t go looking for answers or expecting loud bellows (but that might happen!) just start to ask the questions. Tap into this power. This portal of deep knowing. And begin to remember. Allow the messages to come through. Allow your truth to reveal itself.

You might realise that once you make this connection – there’s no going back. It might take you a while to make this connection and that’s ok, too. That’s perfect in fact. Everything happens as and when it is meant to.

You might realise that when (not if!) you create this conversation with your womb that you feel called to share and speak about it, too. I say go for it! There could not be more of us sharing this work and womb wisdom. Guiding womxn back to their power. Healing the Sister Wound. Joining forces. Lifting each other up.

We are not here to fight, to distrust each other. We are here to inspire each other to live in our fullest. In our freedom. As divine womxn we are meant to be.

I'd love to welcome you to one of my next online circles, you can see what's coming up next, here.

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  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach
  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach

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