Why Women Carry Shame Around Making Noises

As womxn, we carry so much shame around making noises - especially the "ugly" noises. But expressing & releasing deep primal guttural WILD sounds is a crucial part of embodiment. It allows us to express what has been choked down, and that in turn will help us with our voice.

The thing is: what we don't express, we repress.⁠ And what is repressed causes dis-ease. It causes the body to fall out of alignment.

⁠His-storically, womxn have been tortured, burnt at the stake, ignored, stolen from, belittled, slandered, after speaking up and sharing their voice. So we have become programmed to distrust the sounds that come from within.⁠ We keep our mouths tight shut in fear.

⁠By bringing somatic sounds into your practice, on a daily basis, you can help transmute any stuckness or stagnation (whether from your lived experience, or ancestrally) to create more spaciousness to embody your true expression & for your wants, needs, & desires to manifest.

There's no flow where there is friction.⁠⁠

⁠Think of all the times you have bitten your tongue, you didn’t rage in anger because it “wasn’t well behaved”, you didn’t laugh your delicious fully belly laugh because you were told it "too much”.⁠


And here's another question; what about the sounds that come out during sex? Ever thought about those, or why you make those sounds... ⠀

The p0rn-style breathy sighs, encouraging groans, high pitched "ahhh ahhh ahhh"s?

Are they real sounds though?⁠ ⁠

Are they true to you?⁠⠀


Are they coming from within?⁠⠀

From the depths of your pussy?⠀

Are they rooted in pleasure?⠀


Or are they coming from what you THINK you should sound like?⁠⠀

What you’ve been conditioned to believe is a “turn on” and an “expression of pleasure”?⠀


You might ask even cringe at the idea of making sounds, choosing to stay mute for fear of making the “wrong” sounds. It's the conditioning, you see.

The sounds womxn do usually learn to make (or feel safe to make because they are expected) are the sexy sounds created to pander to the male gaze, rather than "ugly" sounds that are the true expression of the feminine.⠀

Rather than the sounds that come from our core.⠀

The guttural roars & grunts.⠀

The sounds of the Wild Womxn.⠀


But it is with those sounds that we reveal our truth. That we open to liberating tension, stagnant energies, & blockages. In so doing we welcome more of our voice. Our sacred expression. Our needs. Our desires.

Making sounds is purifying, and we create a spaciousness through expressing sound. A spaciousness which can be filled with love, connection, trust, and truth of being (without the bullshit).⁠⠀

You’ve heard this before but I’ll tell you again, strengthening & connecting the channels between pussy and throat are so important.⠀

These two centres of our body are divinely connected.⁠ If you’re closed off in one, you’ll be closed off in the other. If you’re afraid of making sounds and speaking your truth, I’m sure your s:xual expression won’t be at its most authentic (or most satisfying) either?

⁠We deserve to free ourSelf with as much noise as we want. To rewrite the programs in our bodies that its unsafe to make noise. That expressing what we feel within is NORMAL and a practice that should be taught in every classroom, rather than shamed.⁠

Task for today: turn on some hard core music, drum and bass, Prodigy-style stuff, or whatever gets your heart racing, and scream, shout, roar, until everything is out. If you're a bit self-conscious grab a pillow - it does wonders for muffling! But I'd encourage you to get used to hearing the primal roars that come from the depths without censoring your sound.

Let me know how it goes...

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