Wild Happiness: Is It Even Possible?

When I was on the phone to my coach the other day (& yes, I believe everyone should have a coach or guide of some sort in their life!) one of the questions she got me to clarify was “why is it important to guide womxn back to their wild?” and “why is it important to guide womxn back to their bodies?”

It took me a few goes, in the moment, to get as succinct as she wanted me to. To get to the nitty gritty of exactly what my WHY is. What is the reason behind everything I preach.

Why do I believe it is important to guide womxn back to their wild & to their their bodies? Why do I do what I do? Why?

*me, hooping in a festival this summer. LOVING MY LIFE. Happy happy happy.

I'm a great one for needing deep, charged, and meaningful answers - and so I had been over-complicating it. Turns out, it’s actually quite obvious & very simple.

It’s not really about saying FUCK YOU to the patriarchy, and it’s not only to rewrite HERstory, reprogram neural pathways, live in our radical freedom, & liberate our sexual wild selves to inhabit every inch of bodies with power. Well, it is. But it’s even simpler than that.

My why, is so that every womxn can be HAPPY. A state so mysterious, yet so basic. A state that should be our baseline.

Happiness, is the result I want all womxn to feel after having anything to do with me - whether it's working intimately 1:1, in a yoga class, sharing with sisters in circle, on a phone call, over a cup of tea... anything. My motivation behind everything I do & everything I bring to the world is to inspire happiness in people.

I believe that womxn can be her happiest if & when she has connected to her inner wisdom & wild, through developing a more intimate relationship with her body, and when she feels empowered.

You might think that sounds a bit obvious, so I'll keep saying it. The motivation behind EVERYTHING is to be truly happy, isn't it? Not richer, not thinner, not more attractive, not more stylish - simply to be more happy.

In reality - and why I am passionate about this work - we've become side-tracked and disillusioned by what "happiness" "should" look and feel like. Rather than be subjective, it has become objective. There is so much that stands in the way of us being happy these days which is why often it feels so unattainable and why so many of us live permanently stressed & anxious.

Quick check in: where do you plot yourself now on a scale of 1-10 happiness wise?

If I were to guess, I would vouch that many people hover around a 6-7 on their personal happiness scale, if they get really honest with themselves.

+ But why aren’t we at a 10, or at least a 9? Why are we ok with missing out on those three extra points?

+ Why do we have to sacrifice on our own happiness?

+ What is stopping us from chasing it & claiming it?

It’s because we don’t know how to be happy and often we don't remember what true, wild happiness feels like. We aren’t aware of the potential that happiness could fulfil within our bodies. It's a spectrum not fully felt or lived out in our experience. We're more familiar with the lower end of the happiness scale than with the higher end. It makes us uncomfortable to be "too" happy. We feel guilty. We hide it, worried it will make people feel bad that we're happier than them.

Society doesn’t want us to be happy, mainly, because it’s not profitable. How can we be controlled as a people if we are happy & powerful in our own rights? It's far too threatening and bad for business.

You might see that this mentality has rippled into our own social structure. We hide our true happiness from friends in case it looks like we're boasting. We don't tell them about the amazing day we just had or about a beautiful experience, so we dim down our happiness. Consequently, we dull down our shine.

We repress. We become oppressed.

The hangover of this is that because our baseline of happiness is lower than it should be, we then constantly grasp for more, especially in a culture where we’re forever convinced we’re not enough. We over-shop, over-spend, over-attach, in order to feel like we are (enough). In order to feel like we do belong. In order to feel we are validated by someone, or something.

Too often, we are blind to what separates us from our natural wild potential of full smiles, heart-bursting love, & euphoric happiness. We don’t know this is happening and then we blame ourselves for our lack of this so called "happiness". It's a catch 22.

I remember a period in my life when I was not happy. When my baseline was more misery than happy. I thought I was happy though – but it was a force-the-corners-of-your-mouth-apart false kind of happy, I know now, having experienced the full-smile-heart-bursting-love-eurphoric-happiness. It was a happy-on-the-weekends kind of happy, but five of the other days I was averaging around that 6 mark or less. Is it surprising it was also a time I was very disconnected to my own power & totally closed off from receiving any of my own wisdom?

I had everything around me that made me look (& placebo effect feel) like I was happy. The boyfriend. The stuff. The house. The job. But really, I was not my true wild happy self. I was actually deceiving myself because I had forgotten what true happy could feel like. I wasn't familiar with it’s potential as a state within my body.

As children, in our innocence, we often experience the magic of wild unfiltered happiness. Think of the widening of a child's eyes when they look at their beloved parent, or the vibration of their pure laughter. As we grow older this sweet wild happiness that comes so easily to children is poisoned by limiting beliefs, conditions, & expectations.

But this poisoned way of being isn’t our natural state.

Our natural state is happiness.

Our natural WILD state is happiness.

So sit with this for a moment. Close your eyes. And feel into your current state of happiness.

All I want for you is to be happy. Not all the time of course. That’s unrealistic. But to have happiness as your baseline to come back to. To know that the potential is within you & to have the tools to help yourself back to this baseline if you fall off kilter (which happens, because we're humxn).

Ask yourself;

+ What stands in the way of your happiness level being at a 9-10 AVERAGE?

Write down what that is.

Now ask yourself if you'd rather stay in your not-quite-happy hole, or climb your way out and onto centre stage where happiness takes the leading part?

Also ask yourself;

+ Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a loving relationship with your body?

+ Wouldn’t it be amazing to know that you are the almighty powerhouse, that you have everything you need within you, and MORE (including unlimited reserves of happiness)?

+ Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a partner to share your life with, who you desire? And who desires you back? Not just for bedroom stuff, but for the dark, the deep, the dreamy, and the dirty stuff?

+ Wouldn’t it be amazing to walk down the street knowing you are a freakin’ goddess and people are looking at you because they want what you have, that confidence, that inner knowing, that zest, that joy, that trust, that WILD feminine essence?

+ Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have, be, do whatever you desire, want, and need?

If all the above were a reality – how would you feel? Would that make you feel HAPPY?

The thing is, when we come back to our wild, to our inner knowing & wisdom, connecting to the divine temple that is our body, we commit to a path in which happiness will become baseline because we are being our truest, most authentic selves. Hiding nothing. Standing for everything. Claiming it all.

This happens through divine intimacy with our own bodies, our cycles, our wild feminine essence. This happens through reprogramming our neural pathways from expecting pain to accepting pleasure, from doubting to trusting, from numb to alive. This happens through choosing pussy over Patriarchy.

So how do you sit with your happiness state now? What do you want your current baseline to be?

I’d so love it to be 10. 9 at least.

+ I’d so love for you to look in the mirror and think holy effing Nora I am a siren of sensuality.

+ I’d so love for you to walk the walk, as an empowered embodied womxn, & feel its truth from the inside out.

+ I’d so love to support you along this journey if you’re feeling a HELL YES to more happiness that is deeply rooted and easily accessed.

There are a number of ways we can work together to help guide you back to your true happiness when you journey with your Wild Woman. When we rewild, when we come back to our truest most authentic natural state, happiness (love) is the vibration.

I passionately want to journey with you, so if you’d like to experience what your true baseline happiness feels like & tap into and embody your Wild Woman, I'd love to walk alongside you and be your cheerleader.

Let's do it.

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  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach

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