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21-Day Devotion to an Embodied & Empowered You eBook

Are you tired of feeling uninspired & maybe even misdirected? Do you crave a deeper connection to yourSelf, your BODY, your emotions, your innermost sensations, your inner wisdom, your truth? Does the idea of rewilding strike a chord deep deep within?

If so, I invite you to try this 21-Day Devotional practice to an Embodied & Empowered YOU. It’s completely FREE! So don’t worry about having to part with any pennies. It’s for you to do, in your own time, for three weeks. That’s all. A journey which will help you reclaim your POWER, strengthen the connection to your beautiful BODY, & hopefully even provide some clarity on your purpose & dharma.

This is a practice of feminine embodiment through 21-explorations & invitations - one for each day - for you to work through to support your journey towards transformation & embodied evolution. 

I invite you to turn within. To dedicate & devote yourself to YOU. And stay open. Stay curious. See what magic you can learn along the way..... 


How to download:


To claim this FREE resource, simply follow this link & enter in your email for an instant download to your mobile device or laptop. I would also recommend you print it out to fill out the exercises and journal prompts by hand.


Download your free copy, HERE. 



*This eBook is original content by Fiona McCoss and may not be shared or reproduced without prior consent and is designed for personal use only.