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Abundance & Harmony Meditation (audio)


If you’re struggling from a scarcity mindset, if you’re in your imbalanced hyper-masculine GO GO GO, but you are seeking slowness, softness, ease & flow – then this guided mediation is for you.


This deeply relaxing and affirming meditation offers you the chance to journey towards a life of abundance and harmony, choosing balance, clarity and a fresh perspective.


She who journeys on this path will leave refreshed, re-energized, more deeply connected to her path and knowing that she has everything she needs already.


Join me on this guided meditation, Sister, and welcome in the change you want.


This meditation will;

+ take you on a journey towards abundance & harmony

+ return you to a state of calm and peace

+ provide clarity & perspective

+ anchor you in trust & knowing

+ allow you to welcome in more ease & flow

+ deeply relax your nervous system with ambient background music


Enjoy lifetime access to this guided meditation for only £11.11.