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  • Awaken Your Wild eCourse


    The ultimate introductory course for any womxn called to explore her inner wild & wisdom.


    This journey to awaken your wild is a beautiful introduction on how to cultivate a deeper connection to your inner wild – the truth of who you are – through body wisdom, self-love, body awareness, & pleasure.

    This journey is set along a 28-day cycle but it is a self-guided journey meaning you can take it at your own pace! You are invited to explore the multiple facets of what it is that makes you the woman you are - in your empowered essence - & feel into a full embodiment of who it is you want to be.


    What does the Awaken Your Wild eCourse include?

    + Awaken Your Wild coursebook
    + 4x guided meditations (audio)
    + a 60-minute 1:1 feminine embodiment session to support you on your journey
    + discounts on future courses & products

    During this journey you will be exploring;

    + ritual & intention,
    + switching up the volume on your senses,
    + feminine embodiment practices,
    + living in pleasure,
    + ranges of emotion,
    + your menstrual cycle,
    + freedom of expression,
    + giving & receiving,
    + speaking your truth,
    + journalling,
    + boundaries,
    + self-care,
    + sisterhood,
    + & so much more…
    As a part of this journey, you are also invited on a 1:1 feminine embodiment session tailored to you & your unique experience. This 1:1 session will provide rich body-based clarity & connection to enhance the potential of this experience. You decide when you want to use our time together, either to check in before you start, to reflect back on your practices at the end, or even half-way through - it's up to you, just give me enough notice to get our session booked in.

    This 1:1 session together is a really powerful time to anchor in the practices in the course book through feminine embodiment tools and help you integrate your learnings along the way. You can add on extra 1:1 sessions to support you on your journey at a discounted rate.


    What can you expect from these practices?

    The 28 practices in the Awaken Your Wild course book will guide you towards a more embodied & empowered way of living as you devote yourself each day to a different invitation of self-exploration.

    You will be guided towards more self-love, body awareness, & pleasure, magnetism, trust, & body-wisdom – to open into YES & to embody who it is you really want to be.

    Your journey will provide tools to help you access your inner wisdom and guide you back to your essence and truth. Your wild.

    By devoting yourself to YOU is the first step on the journey towards radical empowerment & self-love. Not to mention leaning towards deeper & juicier embodiment of the radiant being you are.

    You will also be supported by four meditations included in the journey which invite in receptivity to the practices, as well as offer deep rest & immersion in the learnings & wisdom of your journey. These meditations include Wise Woman, Sisterhood, Womb Wisdom, & Abundance & Harmony.

    As a self-paced journey, it means you don’t have to do it in any order, you can take all of the practices at your own pace and keep coming back and revisiting them time & time again. All the materials are yours to keep forever.

    You are also invited on a 60-minute 1:1 feminine embodiment session completely tailored to you which can be claimed at any point, as an opportunity to dive deeper into this journey with support and guidance, unique to you & your experience.
    This is for you, if you;

    + want an introductory – but integrated – experience of the realm of self-discovery, embodiment, & empowerment
    + want to experience a deeper connection to yourself & your body
    + want to learn more about your inner wild
    + have a desire for ritual & ceremony
    + want to get to know yourself more intimately
    + seek access to more sensitive parts of yourself
    + want to experience embodied living
    + desire to feel like an empowered woman
    + want to establish a self-love practice
    + want to switch the narrative from mehhh to oooooohhhh
    + crave loving tenderness & juiciness
    + want to open to receive & welcome to give
    + want to awaken your wild woman within


    How does it work?


    Once you have purchased this juicy ecourse, you will receive an email containing the course book, Awaken Your Wild, with all the devotional practices, plus all other supporting exercises and meditations for your journey.


    There is no need to complete these practices in chronological order, and it is a self-paced journey meaning you can take this completely at your own pace.


    To claim your 60-minute 1:1 feminine embodiment session, simply email me before, during or after you begin your journey to awaken your wild. Any extra 1:1 sessions to further support you can be claimed at a discounted rate.


    You are invited to join the Facebook group, Woman Within, to share your journey (& if you want to be held accountable!) with your Sisters who are all there for support and might be going through the same journey themselves.


    NB: Please read the Guidelines page before purchase.



    If you're interested but have some questions, why don't we hop on a quick call & I can answer any queries you might have! Head over to the Contact page to get in touch