Feminine Mysteries Group Program


Feiminine Mysteries Online Group Program


Feminine Mysteries is a four-week online group program to explore the feminine mysteries of being a womxn; womb wisdom & pussy magick.


Our monthly cycles are usually a thing of much debate, discussion, and dread – but it doesn’t have to be this way. That's the greatest myth. More often than not, womxn are raised to hate their monthly bleeds; we’re never taught to think or feel of them in any other way than a bother, a pain, a discomfort, and sometimes even a debilitation.

But there is so much wisdom & guidance to be learnt. Wombspeak to be whispered. Power to be felt, harnessed, & wielded.


Did you know that;

Around 70% womxn around the world experience period shame

You have an in-built Womb Calendar to guide your social events, sexy times, cleaning sessions, and rest days

​Womxn have more in common with nature, the moon & collective energies than you might think

​It’s common to crave kinky sex, no sex, or sensual sex at different times of your cycle

​Mood swings don’t make you a bitch & PMS isn't a "normal" thing to "put up with"
Periods aren't dirty but are sacred & your womb contains ancient wisdom

​You spent time inside your grandmother's womb so there's a piece of her story in you

​The more we fight against your womb, the more she'll make you listen through pain & dis-ease


​Truth bomb: the way in which we’ve been told to live & behave in this society actually isn’t serving you because it’s not designed for us (womxn). Generally, our lifestyles are not supportive or aligned with a feminine energy; those of a cyclical nature. Those of the mysteries.

Creating a relationship with your blood is one of the most primal things you can do as a womxn - it awakens intuition & instinct. Learn to listen to your body's whispers. The whispers of the womb. The magick of your Pussy. Your power portal as womxn. And through this you activate your Wild Woman.


When we connect to our periods & reclaim them from the Patriarchal programming - which deemed them dirty, messy curses - we have access to so much wisdom within. We have access to so much more of us. We have access to our own Road Map which will guide us through the days & months with clarity, ease, understanding, and compassion.


No longer do you have to fit yourself into a structure that doesn't feel right; a linear A-B, 9-5, 24/7. You can ebb and flow with your own cycle, take empowered and aligned action, take rest and replenishment, and know deep down that that is ok to listen to your body, that it's better for you & that you'll be so much better for it.


Feminine Mysteries will teach you how to;

+ feel more empowered by knowing your body better
+ understand your sacred rhythms and cycles more intimately

+ learn the inner workings & energies of each phase to better support your life

(work, sex, family, creativity, & more)
+ release shame around menstruation
+ unlearn programming that is keeping you disconnected from your divine nature as a womxn
+ embody your feminine mysteries and what they mean to you & your unique experience

+ learn ritual & ceremony to support you and connect you to abundance, pleasure, and intention
+ worship at the gates of Pussy Portal

+ understand your sexuality better

+ plan your weeks and months to support your cycle to avoid exhaustion & stress

+ better communicate your needs, wants & desires depending on the phase

+ how to create your own Womb Wisdom Map
+ connect more to the cycles of nature & the moon
+ connect more deeply to your body with more love, compassion and acceptance
+ be able to call in & honour the energies of powerful archetypes and goddesses

+ have more self-awareness and self-compassion

+ reconnect to the ancient magic medicine of womxn

​What can you expect?

This four-week program will empower YOU to better know your body. To better connect to your wisdom as a womxn; trust your intuition - the epitome of feminine mystery. To learn the unique Road Map of your body and your wombspeak. To worship at the gates of Pussy Palace and all that lies within.

You’ll feel so much more empowered & embodied as a womxn because we’ll address core feminine wounding which is currently keeping you from full acceptance.


You'll learn to celebrate your cycles and radically rewire your system to love and appreciate your blood – to in weave ritual and ceremony to support a life fully and wildly aligned with your truth as a womxn.

You'll also be a part of a Sisterhood through the power of live online gatherings and a closed private community on Facebook.


Pleasure & sexuality are completely tied into your menstrual cycle, too, so the more you understand your inner universe and unique wisdom, the more pleasure, ecstasy, and turn on you will be able to experience. It's all linked.⁠

You will be supported with weekly coursebooks packed with information on each phase as we explore one phase a week. You’ll be journeying with Archetypes, Goddesses, and Seasons through each phase, to harness their energy and understand the interconnectedness of You & the Collective Divine Feminine. There will also be journal prompts & practices, supported by a weekly audio meditation, and other audio guides.

Our weekly live gatherings online will be a time to come together, share stories, and dive deeper into each phase with discussion & Q&A (and will be recorded for those who can't make it live).


You'll also receive three rituals to deepen your self-worship, anchor the experiences into your body and to support you in creating a devoted practice to activate your womb wisdom & sexual energies.


Week 1: Pre-Menstrual Luteal Phase / Priestess / Lilith / Autumn

Week 2: Menstrual Phase / Crone / Morrigan / Winter 

Week 3: Follicular Phase / Maiden / Aphrodite / Spring

Week 4: Ovulation Phase / Mother / Gaia / Summer

What does Feminine Mysteries include?


+ 4 x Live Calls (which will be recorded for those who can’ make it live) 

where we’ll discuss each phase with Q&A


+ 4 x Weekly Coursebooks (one per phase) with content, practices, prompts, self-inquiry

+ BONUS week Coursebook with an Introduction to HERstory

+ 4 x Meditations (one per phase) to anchor in the energies of each phase


+ 3 x Rituals to channel feminine frequency

+ Private Facebook Group & Community

+ Playlists & Audio Guides

+ Lifetime access to materials

Disclaimer: purchasing confirms Guidelines have been read & accepted

Disclaimer: purchasing confirms Guidelines have been read & accepted.

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