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Release & Renew: cleanse, clear, create eBook

Release & Renew: cleanse, clear, create is a FREE eBook designed for inspiration, introspection, intention-setting, & inventory-taking in a series of take-away tools and exercises to cultivate gratitude, abundance, happiness, self-love, clarity & personal growth.


Catalyse and crystallise your deepest intentions as well as get clear on what you really need to feel abundant and how you can best support the life you want.


Divided into seven sections, this eBook can be completed at any time you feel the call to release, to renew, and to welcome in and manifest new intentions.


With journal explorations, rituals, mantras, affirmations, and a guided meditation, you are invited to journey towards your transformation with a helping hand.


How to download:


Click on this link to enter in your email where you'll then be given a link to download. You can save the pdf to your laptop or view it on your mobile device. Or I recommend printing it out so you can take your time and fill out the exercises by hand.


Download your FREE eBook HERE.



*This eBook is original content by Fiona McCoss and may not be shared or reproduced without prior consent and is designed for personal use only.