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Sisterhood Meditation (audio)


Too often than not do we, as women, suffer from the Sister Wound. We pit ourselves against one another because that’s what we’ve learnt to do. To fear, to judge, to be jealous, to betray.


This was not how it was, before. We united as Sisters, with a bond as strong as blood. We supported one another, we sang, we cooked, we knit, we raised children, together.


This guided meditation is a beautiful reminder of Sisterhood. That no matter where you are, because you are a woman you have a family of Sisters all around you.


Journey into deep trust with the help of this guided meditation to help soothe any wounds, any fears, any anxieties that are true and real limiting beliefs inherited from our society today. We need to move from a place of fear and judgement of our sisters to a warm and welcome embrace of one and all.


Join me, Sister, and come and meet your family.


This meditation will;

+ soothe any inherited Sister Wounds

+ connect you to your Sisters around the world

+ seek solace from support and community

+ return to you a state of calm and peace

+ anchor you in trust & knowing

+ allow you to welcome in more ease & flow

+ deeply relax your nervous system with ambient background music


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