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Wise Woman Meditation (audio)


As women we are blessed to have an innate connection to nature, Mama Gaia, Mother Earth, Pachamama. In the past we have been accused and burnt at the stake for being “witches” – a word so threatening that we suffered death – because of this connection. It is time we reclaimed this word back as our own.


We are the witches, the wise women, who commune with nature, who follow the rhythms of the earth, who are in tune with the seasons, who worship the moon, the sun, and the elements.


If you are seeking a deeper connection to your natural self, your wise woman, then this guided mediation will support you in your journey back to your truth.


This meditation will;

+ allow for a deep and real (re)connection to Mother Earth

+ enliven your dialogue with the natural world, your cycles, and internal rhythms

+ empower you to follow your instincts and intuition

+ return to you a state of calm and peace

+ anchor you in trust & knowing

+ allow you to welcome in more ease & flow

+ deeply relax your nervous system with ambient background music


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