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Womb Wisdom Meditation (audio)


This guided meditation is perfect for womxn who want to connect more deeply to her inner power & womb wisdom. As womxn we have a unique power centre in our womb space, but not all of us know how to access it. We are divine cyclical beings and we change throughout our cycle, we flow through our own inner seasons & we bleed with the moon.


When we befriend our cycles & start to learn more about our own bodies and inner rhythms, we can learn to live in our power, we can live more efficiently, we can live in our truth, we can use our superpowers at different times of the month. We just need to learn how.


This meditation will guide you through your seasons & introduce you to your archetypes so that you can begin, or further support, your journey inward.


This meditation will;

+ allow you to connect to your inner seasons & archetypes

+ develop a felt understanding of your inner rhythms & energies

+ empower you to follow your instincts and intuition

+ embody your feminine powers of the womb & attune to your womb wisdom

+ anchor you in trust & knowing

+ allow you to welcome in more ease & flow

+ deeply relax your nervous system with ambient background music


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