21 day portal to practice the art of self loving

21 days to
re-code & re-calibrate
yourself to
deep and delicious self love

2nd-22nd August

Image by Shaira Dela Peña

Forget the "fluffly" mainstream "self love" - have a taste of the real stuff.

The stuff that lasts. Practices that will drop you into your body, to simple but radical being-ness & deep appreciation of self + unconditional love. Commit to YOU with intention and devotion over 21 sweet and potent days.

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honey this is for you if you desire to


re-prioritise YOU


redefine your primary relationship


appreciate your body

return to loving yourself

boost your pleasure practices

meet your sensual feminine slowly & safely

embed self love as a habit


self love is a state that comes with practice

We're soooo good at making excuses that keep us disconnected from our bodies, from our feelings of "deservingness" & from actually deepening into a relationship with ourselves.

And babe, it has to start with you. Of believing you are inherently worthy of your own time, your own devotion, your own worship, your own energy.


If you want your relationship / confidence / self expression / pleasure / [fill in the blank] to change - it has to start from your strong AF foundation based on how much you love yourself.


So I've created a delicious bite-size 21 day container to commit to your self love explorations and embodiment. And don't tell me you don't have 21 days?

I've been listening, I've been watching, & I've been desiring to offer you something new, to support the women who say "I don't have time", those with the apologetic "let me ask my partner", the guilty "I wish I could but..." when it comes to investing in their own self development; and, I'm calling you out and calling you in, with love.

commit to 21 days of


getting to know your body

connecting to your inner senses

meeting yourself in your erotic innocence

learning the art of self seduction

forming new pleasure pathways

being unapologetic in your self lovership

sisterhood & accountability


Friends at the Beach

who is this mini-container for?

ANYONE! Any fem being who desires to commit to their self lovership.

Anyone who desires to learn - and practice - practices that will connect them more deeply to themselves. Anyone who is ready for a re-boot. Anyone who wants accountability & space holding, witnessing and love and support along the way. Anyone who feels a bit rusty, or "it's been a while" since they did anything for themselves. Anyone who feels "this is self-indulgent" (because my God is it not). Anyone who wants to meet themselves in the mirror and peel back the patterns to connect deeply to their true naked essence. Anyone who is sick of feeling shitty about themselves. Anyone who wants more pleasure in their lives. Anyone who wants to start a new habit. Anyone who is curious to learn themselves better. Anyone who wants to deepen into the feminine. Anyone who wants to improve their self relationship.

Anyone who wants to make themselves number 1 and stick to it for-e-ver.

Anyone, everyone, You.


Lou, England
women's circle facilitator

"I’ve learnt soo much about myself, I’ve embodied so much more of my feminine nature. I’ve learnt to slow down in so many ways... but particularly in terms of pleasure... But most of all I’ve made a commitment to myself, to my needs, my pleasure, me first... always. That under no circumstances I will ever be a shitty lover to myself. Fiona is the most empowering and embodied teacher that speaks with such truth and power."

Kari, Australia
holistic therapist

"Your program gave me the space to really commit to myself and commit to my body and my practice and make space for exploration. I want to say a HUGE thank you for creating such an inspiring and transformational program. I didn’t realise how much I needed this work in my life and always felt like I had a pretty good self-love practice… but wow, who wants “pretty good” when you can have AMAZING!"

Laura, Canada

"Working with Fiona is literally priceless. I feel more connected to my body than ever before and it has been a long road to get here! I can confidently say now I am in tune with my sensual feminine aliveness, I have learned to listen to my body and I have adjusted my "baseline" to pleasure and I'm able to be in it every day. Honestly, just being in this woman's presence from day 1 will make you feel differently."


SELF LOVER includes

daily practices for 21 days

2 live group selflover sessions

private community group

access to content forever to keep practicing

library of playlists, audio meditations, videos

the potency of the portal

When you give in to your full body yes to SELFLOVER, you'll join a portal that is only "live" for these 21 days, with women all around the world also dedicated to re-committing to their

self lovership.



Each each day you'll receive some form of practice, prompt, exercise, exploration, technique, that will take anything from 5 minutes to an hour - depending on how deep you want to go! - to guide you back into your body, your pleasure, your sensuality. Starting with the basics (because they hold some of the most important keys), to those a bit juicier & more elaborate.


This has been created for you all: the busy mama, the full-timer, the multipassionate babe, and I know that you can squeeze this in. It's not laborious, it's bite-sized so that you can start to fit these practices in daily and get used to doing it daily after the container is over. This is how we meet and commit to our Self Lover. This is how shifts happen...

You'll be supported by a private community of SELF LOVERs doing the journey with you who are there for accountability, for space-holding, for witnessing and being with you (virtuall) along the way. Because sisterhood is just the best, right?

The portal will also include 2 LIVE calls with me; one at the beginning to open the portal, one mid-way to check in and share a practice together & one at the end to close and celebrate.

There is optional VIP support from me all the way through if you'd like extra accountability

 - inquire to upgrade.


this is my self love story


I used to only really "get" the superficial fluffy self love stuff. I'd save quotes on Pinterest. I'd do the facepacks. I'd bathe in rose petalled baths listening to spa music. I'd go to bed early and tell myself sweet affirmations. Which was great. And... it wasn't really doing much long-term.


It wasn't penetrating deep enough. I didn't truly feel worthy of my own efforts still. Because I hadn't embodied it. That was the missing piece.

When I brought embodiment into the picture I had to go deep to unravel a lot that wasn't mine. Like many, I had inherited many "voices" that poisoned my own sense of what self love felt like. And so I have had my fair share of shitty self relating, self abusing, self abandoning, self denying. It was crap. For a long time. I had a history of hating my body, a tinge of Saviour, programmed Patriarchal voice of "there are better things to be doing" -

and a lot else.


So I slowly learnt practices, I did the self inquiry, I gazed at myself in the mirror everyday, shed a shit tonne of shame, I found some more places to hate & poke at, went back to the self-love / body connection basics, did some more work...


 Until I got to a point - now - where I can say my base line is "I love myself". Undeniably, 100%, in love with myself. And still yes, there are days that it can feel a little wobbly, but with the practices and deep knowing of my deservingness, I can steer myself back to the truth of "I love myself" always. Even if it takes a while, I always return.

And this is why I so want to support you my love, I want you to have what I know. I want you to have the tools & I want to hold you accountable & to create the space for you to use them. Whether you're already familiar with this but want a boost, whether you feel desperately behind and need a rope to pull you along, or whether this feels utterly foreign: you are all welcome to join the journey.

There is always room for more, deeper, and better.

Image by grace h

selfish is sacred

“ME” is the only person we have control over, the only person who we are truly responsible for. So your relationship to yourself is your primary relationship ~ and if you desire to share yourself with anyone else, that’s a bonus. a secondary win.


You do not exist to fulfil someone else’s sense of completion as their “other half” so cultivate your wholeness - your self promise - first before you default to another.


Think about who else you give your endless attention, time, energy, love to? And how you may have built up some resentment along the way because guess who gets left behind?




If you are feeling this resentment seep into your partnerships, family life, or struggle with co-dependent patterns, this will support you my love.


Let's lovingly lay the foundations once more of your primary self relationship - which you may find are a little wobbly or entirely missing - which is what creates the disharmony projected & carried outwards.

This is what this SELFLOVER journey is all about:


returning to self lovership

relearning how you like to be in your body

rewriting what pleasure means to you

spending time with yourself to uncover your desires & flavours

embodying more confidence

practicing putting yourselves first for 21 days



I want this to be accessible to you my love. I want you to gather tools to add to your toolbox to be able to come back to time and time again. Because committing to you as your primary relationship is everything. It is the foundation for all else.


(full price £222)

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this is 100% for you if you're like

I feel like I never have time for "self love" stuff

I need accountability to commit to a consistent self love practice

there are a million other things I "should" be doing​

self love feels so far away from me...

I think I already know it all, thanks

Image by Sincerely Media


What type of body / sexuality do you cater to?

This journey is designed for anyone (with any body!) who identifies as a woman & with the feminine as their core essence, including non-binary and transgender babes, regardless of sexual preference or orientation. The language and practices I will be sharing are directed towards an anatomically female body (& I will be using terms like pussy) so please sub out words to suit and support the journey your are on or expression you identify with.

Is this a live course?

This is a 21-day live container with 2 live calls & a live private community group. The practices will be drip fed to you daily to do at home. This is the only time this experience will be run this way (at this price) & after this round it will be turned into an evergreen self paced journey.​

What are the dates for the diary?

We begin 2nd August (Monday) and close on the 22nd August (Sunday).

How much 1:1 time do I get with Fiona?

This is a group experience so should you wish to add on a 1:1 session, you can email

How much time do I need to commit to the program?

I always say whatever you put in, you get out! This is only 21 days and that is the length of time it takes to create a habit. It's been designed for those who feel they are time poor, so the practices will be anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, of course you can go for more... depending on how deep you want to take them. Personally, the more you invest the time & energy to this journey, the bigger the shifts & the more you'll get out of it.

Can I join from outside the UK?

Absolutely! This is a virtual program, meaning you can join from anywhere in the world. We meet live via Zoom for our 2 calls & our private SELFLOVER community will be hosted from an online platform. Calls will be recorded if you can't make it live but it's more fun if you can!