Sensual Slumber Party

celebrate self love, erotic expression, & feminine sexuality

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​A delicious three-hour evening

- aka self love ceremony -

to celebrate your divine sensuality

& erotic embodiment

to boost your body confidence

indulge in self-love &

devotional body-worship

all for pleasure's sake


why do we need this?

It’s clear that we ALL need some more intimacy in our lives, not just with others but with ourselves & connecting with ourselves, sensually, is a thing I know all womxn want to learn how to do - and do more of!


So many womxn, too, are craving an outlet or a guide for their erotic expression. So many of us are desperate to access the darker primal parts of ourselves but it feels unsafe, or we want to be held space for. Just as we want to reconnect to our erotic innocence & sensuality in a space that feels intentional & sacred.

 This Sensual Slumber Party creates a safe, open, & welcoming space for the feminine to be held safely to explore her sensuality, her sexuality, her body, & her pleasure, involving a sharing circle, embodied sensual & erotic movement, sacred ritual, guided self-worship

& pleasure magick.


"I had such a healing and divine experience at the slumber party. Fiona held the space so beautiful, powerfully and gently, holding space for each woman to be seen, heard and feel safe to delve into their own experiences. I felt so connected to my body and there were exercises and practices she shared that were so simple and beautiful but I have never done before. I was nervous to join but Fiona was so reassuring and present it put me at ease straight away and the entire time went by too quickly, I cant wait for the next one and more divine feminine exploration and connection!!"


Nicole, UK



Venus, England

tantric priestess

"I have attended various “self pleasure sex magick” events with different teachers and I have to say the way Fiona held the space was incredible. Less focus on climax and more focus on embodied pleasure - YES! Fiona’s guidance was soft and gentle. I felt very safe and held in the space. Fiona’s energy is magnetic and I look forward to being in the space with her again."

Pip, England

yoga teacher

"It was such a full bodied celebration of our goddess magic, it was so nourishing, sensual and just straight up sexy!!! There is such an incredible connection you create with us women. It’s like no other virtual gathering I’ve done, I genuinely feel so connected to everyone."

Talitha, Scotland

holistic therapist

"The space was divine. It was just what I needed and what the collective needs, to gather in safe space to embody and explore our sacred sensuality. I felt heard, seen, and honoured in all that I am."

a flavour of the event

feminine embodiment practices for opening, anchoring & safety


sharing circle, space holding, & witnessing


sensual expression & movement


primal erotic Wild Womxn activations


connect deeply to your erotic expression through dance


activate your feminine sexuality


be guided through a conscious tantric self-pleasure practice


learn the way your body likes to move & receive pleasure


pleasure & pussy magick for powerful manifestation


experience deep self love, self-empowerment & sexual Sovereignty



"I have to admit these parties are slowly becoming my favourite time of the month. The more I show up, the more I slow down with and for myself, the more pleasure I feel. But not the rushed, hard, quick type of pleasure. Real, deep, intimate pleasure that vibrates through my whole body. I am so grateful I have found you. The work you do is pure magic. Thank you!"


Bec, Germany - women's coach

 This is a shame-free & judgement-free space where all expressions are welcome. Everything is optional. This is an adventurous, sensual self-exploration where you lead with pleasure & honour your boundaries. You remain Sovereign = in your Power, always.


Exploring your erotic expression might bring up resistance & fear - and that's ok. Gathering online in a safe container with other womxn is deliciously healing & empowering. I invite you to allow yourself to be seen, to take up space, to (re)discover yourself, to celebrate your feminine essence, and activate your sexual energy & eros.


The event will not be recorded.

 Cameras will be OFF for the guided self-pleasure & pussy magick ritual.


"The erotic dancing for me was incredibly empowering. I'm usually very self conscious when I dance but after about 5 minutes I'd forgotten about all the other ladies, what they were doing, how I looked on camera and simply let the music carry my body whichever way it desired. I stood in front of my own mirror, watched myself dance then moved around the room completely allowing myself to be in the moment. It felt so liberating. The night ended with guided self pleasure and the 3 words I used at the end of the night to describe the experience was empowering,

calming and sensual."


Simone, England


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