Sensuality Sessions

Explore your sacred sensuality & erotic expression

Are you looking to explore your Sensuality?

Is Sensual Liberation something that you want more of in your life?

Do you desire to tease out your Erotic Innocence & see what that feels like in your body?



I know, from experience, the power of a committed & conscious sensuality practice & the liberation it offers the body to break out of stuckness & stagnation, into flow & freedom. To shift out of limiting beliefs where we don’t think we’re beautiful; or we don’t think we could ever “be sensual” or never in a million years would we associate the word "erotic" with our true nature - but it's all possible.

My love, you already are sensual & deeply erotic! You are a living breathing sensual being, it’s just perhaps you might have forgotten how to express it.


Maybe you are afraid, worried about what others might think of you if you expressed your true sensual essence, maybe the comfort zone is just that: too comfy. Maybe you think the days of trying anything like this are past you… I'm here to tell you that I know you are a radiant Goddess with divine erotic innocence & that once you've had a taste of your sensuality, ooof there's no un-tasting it.


These sessions are for you if you want to:


+ connect deeply to your body


+ learn how to feel, witness & express your sexy


+ increase your feminine magnetism


+ embody your sensuality effortlessly in your day to day


+ experience more freedom in your body


+ help heal body-shame & body image BS

+ switch off the mind & drop into the body more easily

+ shift out of limiting beliefs

+ commit to a sensuality practice

+ explore your eroticism

+ feel more empowered in your own skin

+ tap into the power of your femininity

+ be witnessed as the sensual erotic Goddess you are


Working together in an intimate virtual 90-minute 1:1 Sensuality Session will anchor you into your body first, into the feeling & feel-good parts of yourself, because only when we are connected to the body, can we tap into & express our sensuality. And for some womxn this is the biggest "aha" moment. So used to operating in the head-space and not body-space are so many.

Sensuality is a by-product of feminine embodiment. The two go hand in hand. We cannot access our sensuality through the mind, so we need to create space and safety in order to drop into the body first.

"Intimacy is to welcome yourself into your heart as your most beloved guest" - Margot Anand


When we say a full bodied YES to exploring our sensual essence & our erotic innocence, we tackle deep conditioning & programming from being told that to be a sensual womxn is "inappropriate" or "slutty" or "too much". So these sessions are not only radically empowering, but they are shifting paradigms; out of the old toxic patterns & into a freer world.

Now sensual liberation is not a *snaps the fingers* one-night stand kind of experience. It takes more than a rose petalled bath & a date with your new crystal wand to be sensually "woke" & liberated.  Expanding your sensitivity spectrum, awakening your sensual expression, & exploring your pleasure potential is a life long & richly rewarding commitment - every womxn owes it to herself.

⁠Sensual liberation isn’t a “thing” you “become” - it‘s a state, a way of being, it’s the journey without an ending, flux & expansion.


We cannot rush into sensuality, our bodies need time to soften, to trust, to receive, to melt.... before we can really explore the true nature of our sensuality, of our feminine essence.


And this is my role: to hold the sacred container in which you can blossom and explore your feminine essence and be guided into your sensual expression. This 1:1 Session will create instant shifts in your body, laying a rock-steady foundation for your path to effortless sensual expression & body confidence. I'll also offer you take-away practices to do at home as well as a Playlist.

You can expect body awareness practices, embodiment practices, feminine energy activations, working with the breath, with sound, with touch, & with intuitive movement to bring your body back to life & so that you feel confident in expressing your sensuality the way that feels natural & more radiant for you.

These sessions are designed with you at the centre & to provide an opportunity for you to experience conscious & embodied sensuality that can have profound results for your life & the way you show up in the world. The techniques, tools, and practices have helped many womxn expand into greater awareness of their bodies, power, Sovereignty, relationships, emotions, sexuality - and so much more.


A taster of the session includes:

body awareness

deep connection to self & sensuality
intuitive dance


feminine embodiment practices

shakti activations

body worship ritual


body love

erotic awakening

innocence & play

embodied sensual expression


body confidence

take-home practices

I would love to support you into Sensual Liberation. 

There is a world of sensual liberation & eroticism, unique to you, waiting to be explored.


"Fiona is a sexy and powerful guide that will unabashedly send you love and hold space for your transformation."

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