I didn't realise before but I had so many limiting beliefs and I was just following along what everyone else was doing, and what they told me to, rather than putting myself first. Since working with Fiona I have been able to tap into my unique wisdom thanks to her guidance and her teachings, and am showing up as a more confident and embodied woman each day. She holds space for you to be exactly who you are and there is nothing you can’t share. The energy she holds is strong but also warm and welcoming and she happily shares all of her knowledge with you. You get a true sense that all she wants is to be of service to women of all ages and walks of life and that she really does care! Fiona, thank you for all that you have offered me and my wild Wise woman.

Claire, UK

The container that Fiona creates penetrates through old patterning, feminine wounding, and resentments and reveals the individual, empowered, embodied woman within who is crying out for release... The freedom I experienced from the insight of [Wild Feminine Way Group Program] is unparalleled and I will be continuing to utilize this material again and again. I feel much more aligned with my inner wisdom and am a stronger and more unapologetic woman because of this course.

Grace, Canada

Working with Fiona has opened my eyes to so much! I could see how stuck I had been in my masculine energies and I was totally disconnected to my own power and sexuality. She taught me the most important lesson of slowing down and listening to my body which has been a game-changer in my everyday life. I never really connected with the idea of a “wild woman” before but now I totally do! Our Wild Woman is in every one of us and even if you don’t think she is important, she is! I would highly recommend you make use of the gifts Fiona has to offer as it has changed my life!

Jen, UK

Fiona is a wonderful guide to have through practice and in circles with her calm and accepting nature and I have always felt safe under her guidance. She has an ability to make everything feel like it's ok and that there are no mistakes, only learning in practice. I would recommend anyone who has the chance to be in her space to do so, and to soak up as much as you can of this woman's energy, knowledge and power to make shi(f)t happen.

Sara, Sweden

Fiona has spawned an amazing community of women through her monthly Sister Circle gatherings. It is all about connecting and empowering women in our community. I attended the very first Sister Circle and have been to almost every one since then. Every month, around the day of the full moon, Fiona hosts a beautiful evening of sharing, listening, empowering, and loving within a group of amazing women in our community. Lots of friendships have grown from this Sister Circle and every month there are new sisters joining us and bonds continue to grow deeper. Fiona is an amazing facilitator.

Robin, Costa Rica

I've opened to the power and freedom of prioritizing my sexuality. I feel more confident in living my truth, and shamelessly indulging in my needs/wants/desires, casting less of an eye towards the opinions of others. I was able to acknowledge how I have not been wholly showing up for myself, and softened towards a full acceptance. I realized the profound effect of patriarchy in penetrating our sense of womanhood, sisterhood, and self love, and I have begun to lovingly rebel against the ingrained old ways, replacing them with an honouring of myself and my femininity (as well as feeling more entitled to the masculine!).

Anon, Canada

I attended many Sister Circles with Fiona and I absolutely enjoyed and cherished all of them. We shared tears, connected on a deeper level, honored our dreams, experienced the sensation of being heard deeply and so much more! Being part of a Sister Circle can be emotional and frightening but Fiona holds the space so well that I felt safe at all times.  She provides safety and direction and it is really easy to drop into one’s heart space. She is skilled, brings knowledge and facilitate the process with ease and ability. But what I love about Fiona is her way to make you feel unique, understood and valued. She is so respectful and compassionate. She demolishes the myth of ‘women are bitchy’!

Marina, Costa Rica

The Writing Workshop was unlike any thing I have ever experienced and it opened so many new perspectives and views for me. Both about myself but also about life in general. Since then I have reflected a lot and can see a lot clearer the way out of my old habits and into a life of living in the now, and to see the beauty in all things in life.

Alva, Costa Rica

  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach
  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach

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