Wild Feminine Way

"Essential for all women" - Grace, April 2020 participant

Wild Feminine Way Online Group Program is for the womxn ready to step up into her FULLNESS & take back her "TOO MUCH"-NESS. It's for the womxn ready for change - and ready to be witnessed in her power.

Firstly, I want to know if you're ready...

To step into the womxn you are meant to be, fully expressed, unapologetic?

To listen to your feminine; to your heart, pussy & womb (not your head)?

To access your power portals & hone in on your intuition & inner wisdom?

To devote yourself to a life that puts your needs, wants, & desires in the foreground?

To say yes to everything that turns you on & embody strong boundaries to protect your sacred energy?


To expand your pleasure potential?

To liberate your sensuality & sexuality?


To learn your menstrual cycle & the feminine mysteries to support a life of your design?


To dance with your dark & light feminine archetypes & alchemise their shadows into gifts?⁠

To explore life in the wild feminine through harmonising your inner masculine & cock power?

To let go of limiting beliefs & outdated programming keeping you small & tame?


To shake things up & learn what it is to feel wild, authentic, & uncensored?


To lean into the support of Sisterhood to be witnessed & celebrated?

Thought so. Who wouldn't be?
It's time for change.



What others have said about this program:

"The container that Fiona creates penetrates through old patterning, feminine wounding, and resentments and reveals the individual, empowered, embodied woman within who is crying out for release. The freedom I experienced from the insight of this program is unparalleled and I will be continuing to utilize this material again and again. I feel much more aligned with my inner wisdom and am a stronger and more unapologetic woman because of this course."Grace, Canada

"Every woman needs to rewild.  The patriarchy creates a lot of trauma by silencing, disconnecting, and forsaking our femininity.  Fiona is a sexy and powerful guide that will unabashedly send you love and hold space for your transformation. I am a trauma based psychologist and this program is helpful for releasing the trauma we all experience living as a woman in the patriarchy. Learn to reconnect with your pleasure, cycles, feminine wiles, orgasms, and body love. Be treated like a goddess with other women searching for the deep inner knowing. The workbooks are like a guidebook that every woman needs to receive to reconditions. The meditations are transformative and profound. Your wild self is only an investment away. Totally worth it!" - Megan, USA

How this experience is different - and BETTER - than the others

This is an eight-week commitment (& lifetime journey) of self-devotion & choosing to walk with the wild feminine, putting the knowing of your body's wisdom first & reconnecting to your power, voice, and desires. And in so doing, you are shifting paradigms on a cellular level. You are rewriting your own story, and the story of the womxn before you. You are deciding "this stops with me, now, and I choose to Rise & claim my wild potential".


Through provocative & challenging self inquiry, as well as feminine embodiment practices, rituals, and guided meditations, and more, you will learn how to trust your inner knowing, you will choose to listen to your inner wise witch, reclaiming your voice from the ashes.


At the end of this eight-week program you will become a more embodied & empowered womxn, sexually liberated, sensually receptive, driven by your wildest passions, & connected to your divine self. And even more in love with yourself!

What makes this experience all the more special is Sisterhood. As a group journey, we can lean into & cultivate deep & nourishing sisterhood each week on our live calls. Sisterhood is one of the most important pillars of support we can lean into as womxn - and a pillar we often lack. Deep connection is a balm to the busy-ness of our day to day lives.

This program is both an online live group & self-led experience. We begin the journey with an Opening Circle online to anchor in our energies as a group & to set our own personal & powerful intentions and to heard and witnessed in claiming those. Then we will journey through seven weekly modules, with coursebooks full of explorative & informative content, journal prompts, supporting practices, audios, meditations & playlists. Each module is themed & expands & builds on from the last, to provide you with a toolkit to continue exploring after the program ends.


Each week we'll integrate & gather in circle for powerful live group calls to flow through embodiment, discussion, & to be witnessed in your rewilding. On our live online calls, you have the opportunity to come together in Sisterhood, to lean into a circle of womxn, to hold space for each other’s journeys. The calls will always be recorded for those who might not be able to make it live due to time zones or other commitments. I ask as a commitment to yourself, to the group, & to me that you aim for full participation. The live calls are a potent place to anchor in the growth & expansion deeper into your experience.



An Overview

+ Opening Circle to gather as a group for the first time, to set powerful intentions, to be witnessed in claiming them to the Universe, and to connect with the Sisters on the journey. This first week is a welcoming into the way of the Wild Feminine & what's to come with a teaser of the modalities.

+ Answer the wolf cry as you have chosen to honour the call, the awakening within, the deep knowing that you want change; taking a healthy dose of truth serum to get clear on what is aligned & what is not; learning how the current System is keeping you caged & how you can start to make more empowered choices & changes; begin to integrate your Wild Sovereign Womxn as she wakes from her slumber.


+ Embody your fierce truth by claiming what it is you really want; voicing your needs, wants,

& desires; relearning how to say yes & no and stay in your power; understand more about how roles play into limiting beliefs & keep you from your fullest expression; how feminine embodiment practices can support emotional release; & understand more about how you can break out of collective conditioning.

+ Respect the sacred vessel that is your body through practices of self love, self care, & deep inner nourishment by learning the importance of conscious consumption - on an energetic, physical, and sexual level; learn exercises to release toxicity, to harmonise & rebalance your energetic system; understand how imbalance is manifested in your body through dis-ease; and establish a life-changing self-celebration practice to shift your vibration.

+ Explore your pleasure potential through connecting more deeply to your senses to cultivate sensual living & redefining what pleasure means to you; approach your narrative around body image & how that affects your capacity for embodiment & enjoyment; learn tantric pussy worship practices, yoni care, & female sexual anatomy; at-home practices to continue your exploration of body love & sensual pleasure.

+ Honour the wisdom of the womb as you learn more about your inner cycles & sacred monthly blood; explore the archetypes & seasons of our cycles and what living cyclically means; learn about feminine wounding & how that shows up collectively and how you  can work to move past genetic trauma; karmic imprints from past lovers & how they are stored in your body.

+ Shadow work & integration of your inner light & dark archetypal shadows; explore the most common & unhealthy patterns & behaviours womxn indulge in unconsciously & harmfully; shed light & awareness into the dark for empowered & full self-acceptance; step into radical self-responsibility & self-observation; shift from shame & judgement and alchemise pain into power.

+ Self Love(r) weaves it all together as you anchor in practices to support you in fully showing up in your true essence; learn to dance & harmonise healthy feminine & masculine energies within; commit to loving yourself fully & completely; become your best lover; learn how to give yourself everything you need so that you can live from a place of embodied self love & security, wild, sacred & powerful.

With each module & live call, you'll receive tools, self-inquiry, journal prompts, embodiment, exercises to do at home; you'll have access to audios, meditations & so much more to support this journey and forever more.

"This program provided a safe, loving container for the journey from limitation to expansion. I felt supported not only by Fiona's exceptional leadership, but by the course in it's entirety; the powerful shifts attained from each module and the associated prompts, meditations, and practices." - Grace, Canada


Some of the modalities woven through this journey

Feminine Embodiment


Self inquiry

Somatic Releasing

Emotional Alchemy

Mindset work


Pussy Worship

Sensuality Practices

Menstrual Awareness

Shadow Work

Ritual & ceremony

& more...

Things that will happen in this transformational online group program
You'll learn so much about yourself, intimately

You'll claim, anchor & embody your wild desires⁠

You'll learn what turns you on (& what doesn't!)⁠

You'll find the power of your voice⁠

You'll explore your sexuality & sensuality

You'll discover the wisdom of your body

You'll dance, sing, play, & write⁠

You'll experience meaningful Sisterhood⁠


You'll rise in love with yourself


You'll unlearn & shift out of limiting patterns & beliefs

You'll takeaway so many tools to support continuous growth

You'll cultivate practices that honour and serve your body, mind, soul⁠, & SEX!


"I've opened to the power and freedom of prioritizing my sexuality. I feel more confident in living my truth, and shamelessly indulging in my needs/wants/desires, casting less of an eye towards the opinions of others. I was able to acknowledge how I have not been wholly showing up for myself, and softened towards a full acceptance. I realized the profound effect of patriarchy in penetrating our sense of womanhood, sisterhood, and self love, and I have begun to lovingly rebel against the ingrained old ways, replacing them with an honouring of myself and my femininity (as well as feeling more entitled to the masculine!)." - Grace, Canada

What the online program includes

+ 1 x Opening circle - online

+ 7 x weekly live calls - online

+ 8 workbooks (20+ pages each) packed with content, journal prompts,

embodiment practices, tools, rituals, exercises...

+ Audios & meditations

+ Playlists

+ Private Facebook group & community

+ Lifetime access to materials

+ Surprise BONUS Extras

This online 8-week group program allows you to take part from anywhere in the world & has been designed for all womxn ready to rise.

Are you ready to commit to eight weeks of deep inner work, self-empowerment, radical shifts, a commitment to You, to embodiment, self love, pleasure, inquiry, freedom of expression, exploration of sexuality, mastery of sensuality...?

Come, I invite you to devote to the Wild Feminine Way and see what happens.



Currently accepting names for next round.


Email fiona@fionamccoss.com to join the waitlist.

"I never really connected with the idea of a “wild woman” before but now I totally do! Our Wild Woman is in every one of us and even if you don’t think she is important, she is! I would highly recommend you make use of the gifts Fiona has to offer as it has changed my life!"

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  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach

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