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Wild Feminine Way

Online Group Program

Step into the womxn you are meant to be, fully expressed as your true wild self

Wild Feminine Way Online Group Program is for the womxn ready to step up into her FULLNESS & her TOO MUCH-NESS. It's for the womxn ready for change - and ready to be witnessed in her power. Sounds scary though, right? Good. That's the catalyst. Transformation never sounds breezy!

You've made it here, so you must be curious - now ask yourself this;


Are you searching for the support of Sisterhood, to learn the ways of the wild feminine so that you can fully

step into the womxn you are meant to be, fully expressed as your true wild self?

Are you ready to listen to your body, to your pussy, to your heart, & not your head?

Are you ready to have a deep & loving connection to your body, access your power, give life to your passions, hone in on your wisdom, & embody your wild?

Are you tired of feeling like you're second best, you're over looking after everyone but yourself, you're ready to devote yourself to putting your needs, wants, & desires first?

Do you want to develop a more intimate dialogue with your pussy, your cycles, your inner world, your rhythms. You wants to say yes to everything that turns you on & embody strong boundaries?

Are you ready to explore life in the feminine & all that encompasses? You've  been chasing the masculine definition of success - and none of it is working?

You're ready to let go of limiting beliefs & outdated programming keeping you small & tame. You're ready to shake things up & learn what it is to feel wild?

Thought so. Who wouldn't be?
It's time for change.

Wild Feminine Way Online Group Program is for YOU, womxn:

+ You are ready to step fully into her body & her power,

to give life to her passions, to hone in on her wisdom, & embody her wild. 

+ You are tired of feeling like she is second best, she is over looking after everyone but herself,

she is ready to devote herself to a life that puts her needs, wants, & desires in the foreground. 


+ You are ready to explore your feminine powers. She doesn't know it, but she's been running on empty. 

She's been chasing the masculine definition of success. And none of it is working.

+ You want to develop a more intimate dialogue with her body, her cycles, her inner world, her rhythms. She wants to say yes to everything that turns her on & embody strong boundaries.


+ You're ready to let go of limiting beliefs & outdated programming keeping her small & tame.

She is ready to shake things up & learn what it is to feel wild.

How is this program different?

Because we are operating in the wild feminine, putting the knowing of our body's wisdom first, we are retraining

ourselves not only how we can learn but how we can continue to be. Through feminine embodiment practices,

we are empowering ourselves to trust our inner knowing, we are learning to listen to our inner wise witch, reclaiming our voice from the ashes.


At the end of this six-week program (PLUS opening circle ceremony) you will be a more embodied & empowered womxn, sexually liberated, sensually receptive, driven by your wildest passions, & connected to your divine self. And even more in love with yourself!

What makes this experience all the more special is Sisterhood. As a group journey, we can lean into & cultivate sisterhood each week on our live calls. Sisterhood is one of the most important pillars of support we can lean into as womxn - and a pillar we often lack in our day to day lives. 

This program is both an online live group & self-led experience. Together, we will meet for an opening ceremony circle online on the 1st January to begin our journey with intention & to get to know everyone. Then we will journey through weekly modules with coursebooks full of tons of content, journal prompts, supporting practices, audios, & meditations & we'll meet weekly for 60-minute live group calls.


On our live online calls, we have the opportunity to come together, to lean into a circle of womxn, to hold space for each other’s journeys, to discuss & integrate what we've learned that week in our coursebooks, & reprogram our neural pathways, together, by healing our feminine wounding.

What we will be covering:

+ Answering the wolf cry: honouring the call, the awakening within, the deep knowing that you want change,

you want more, you want different, recognising limiting beliefs, releasing old patterns & ways of living that don't serve you.


+ Embodying your fierce truth by standing up for what you really want, naming and claiming your needs, wants,

& desires, relearning how to say yes & no and stay in your power.

+ Respecting the sacred vessel that is your body through practices of self love, self care, deep inner nourishment,

releasing toxicity, harmonising & rebalancing your energetic system.

+ Exploring your pleasure potential through sensuality, sexuality, living attuned to your inner universe, dropping

deep into the body (& out of the mind), pussy worship & yoni care.

+ Embracing the wisdom of the womb, learning our inner cycles intimately, how to recognise and honour our archetypes, living by the moon, and creating ritual.

+ Feminine Embodiment as an expression of everything, a way of life, honouring both feminine & masculine energies

within us, devoting to your wild feminine self, rewriting HERstory where She leads, putting everything into practice & coming up with an embodied intention to support your growth through 2020.

Along the way, with each module & live call, you'll learn tools, self-inquiry prompts, practices to do at home, you'll have access to audios, meditations & so much more to support this journey and forever more.

Some of the modalities we'll be using;

Feminine Embodiment


Self inquiry

Mindset work


Pussy Worship

Sisterhood & ceremony

& more...

Things that will happen in this incredible group program:
You'll get super clear on your wild desires⁠

You'll learn what turns you on (& what doesn't!)⁠

You'll explore the power of your voice⁠

You'll explore your sexuality & sensuality

You'll discover the wisdom of your body

You'll dance, sing, play, & write⁠

You'll experience deep Sisterhood⁠

You'll learn so much about yourself, intimately

You'll un-learn, re-learn, & create sustainable change⁠

You'll cultivate practices that honour and serve your body, mind, soul⁠, & SEX!


What does the online program include?

Opening circle - online

6 x weekly live calls - onine

6 modules packed with content + supporting practices

Audios & meditations


1:1 email support

Private Facebook group

This online 6-week group program allows you to take part from anywhere in the world & has been designed for all womxn - those with full time jobs, kids, single ladies, mamas, Crones, maidens - offering flexibility and flow.

While there is structure, the feminine rules meaning change, chaos and the unknown are all welcome. There's always the invitation to take it in your own time & catch up on the recorded calls if you can't make it live - for whatever reason. 

Still wondering if it's for you? 

Ok. Let me put it this way:

If you've tried all the meditation retreats, you've spent years on your yoga mat or at pilates clases, even dabbled with mindfulness, & all the other spiritual offerings… but something’s not quite worked.

You’re still not quite…. there. You’re still not…. fully you.

You're not sure what you need - but you haven't given up looking for it...

This program will help with your inner quest.


The answer is inside you and it has been all along.

She's - you're - dying to come out.

Are you ready to commit to six weeks of inner work, journalling, embodiment practices, self love, pleasure,

deep inquiry, freedom of expression, exploration of sexuality, mastery of sensuality...?

Come, let's devote to the wild feminine way and see what happens.


Early bird: £333 ($437 USD) (until 22nd March)

Full Price: £399 ($515 USD)

Payment plans:


3 x payments of £140 / $180 USD (total $420 / $540 USD)

Start date: 1st April 2020 & Opening Circle Ceremony TBC

Spaces are limited for intimacy.