Writing Workshops

Self-inquiry & the Subconsious stories

Would you love to deepen your journal practice but are lacking the guidance or inspiration?

Are you seeking tools to look within, release, gain clarity, & take a personal inventory?  


Are you looking to dive deeper on an introspective journey with movement, meditation & contemplation? 

Are you feeling stuck or blocked in any areas of your body, mind, or spirit?

Join us in a guided Writing Workshop - the Journal Explorations - an invitation to turn within and give power to your inner voice and authentic self to learn more about your body, your cycles, your desires, your unexpressed truths. To bring our subconscious stories to the light, in order to help get clear on your path & your inner wild.


These sessions are complimented with mindful movement & feminine embodiment to allow the body to soften & surrender into meditation & deep introspection to allow the subconscious to reveal itself, with an aim to inspire clarity, embodiment, healing self-love, and acceptance.

Previous Journal Exploration events have included reflections on the symbolism of yoga asana, a flow through the chakras, a connection to the moon cycles & womb awareness, the four elements, & others.

Inspired by my own passion for writing and journalling, and from the clarity and catharsis this process has brought me, these explorations are available through in-person workshops, and soon to be in at-home audio and email formats.

I invite you to explore if you;


Are seeking questions and explorations to dive deep within your subconscious


Want to realise & release layers of conditioning


Desire to journey through your fields, your chakras, & four bodies


Want to deepen your connection to the womb, the moon, and Divine Feminine


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"The Journal Through Yoga Exploration was unlike any thing I have ever experienced and it opened so many new perspectives and views for me. Since then I have reflected a lot and can see a lot clearer the way out of my old habits and into a life of living in the now, and to see the beauty in all things in life."

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  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach
  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach

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