Feminine Flow

Intuitive & embodied movement

Are you looking to deepen your connection to your body?

To flow mindfully, intuitively, with grace and intention?

Are you looking to fully embody your practice both on- and off- the mat?


Are you looking to balance the feminine with slower, more pleasure-filled awareness?


Build strength and Goddess empowerment through flows and shapes of your design?

If so, let's flow in the feminine together.

I offer mindful movement & feminine flows, with the intention for a deep connection & conversation with your body's unique wisdom. We synchronise our shapes gracefully & intentionally with our breath; ultimately, building up to total awareness & embodiment.


Without this awareness of our body, without dropping into and inhabiting the body, we are just on robot-mode. We are operating from our heads which, in our over-active, over-stimulated hyper-masculine world, is not what we need.

We need practices to guide us into S L O W-ing down. And that’s what my flows promise.


We will build strength & stamina together, while cultivating a deep inner awareness of the body’s wisdom, turning down the volume on the outside to turn up the volume to what’s really going on within. I draw inspiration and influence from Eastern teachings, the Goddess, divine feminine, as well as a more Western approach to modern movement.

Above all - I favour the "you do you" approach, an inherently empowering way to practice as womxn - to reclaim that we know our bodies best! I am just the guide, you are all in control of your flow. You are the boss.


I believe that yoga & movement should be for everyBODY & you are all welcome to join me on the mat in my public classes – suitable for all levels. However, if you feel like you’d be more comfortable with private 1:1 sessions to start with or to really get into an embodied relationship with yourSelf, we can make that happen. My classes leave students grounded, glowing, empowered, & connected – and coming back for more! If you don’t believe me, head over to the Testimonials page…


If you feel called to explore;


more softness

more slowness

more body-awareness

more intimacy

more connection to the feminine through movement

I'd love to be your guide for your practice.

Contact me for my current schedule and check out the Events page for upcoming classes, special events, & retreats.


If you are a studio or teacher & are looking for new faces or future collaborations, I’d also love to connect!

To compliment your practice, have a peek at my introspective Writing Workshops, too.

"Fiona is not just a yoga teacher, she is a healer. She truly loves being a yoga teacher and she has a passion for helping people learn the practice for themselves."

  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach
  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach

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