Empowering womxn to embody their feminine & express their sexuality so that they can feel more confident

Womxn's Empowerment Mentor

Sexuality Coach

& Feminine Embodiment Facilitator


"I feel like I've made more progress in these past few weeks in my self acceptance and empowerment than ever before. I've done years of therapy and much soul searching as well as plant medicine work, but nothing has elevated my sense of self in such a clear,

directed path..." - Grace, Canada

I believe things happen for a reason, so if you're here it's because...

You're ready to step into your fullest expression

You're ready to stop caring about what other people think

You've had enough of people pleasing & role-playing​

You crave sexual liberation & deeper intimacy with yourself

You're tired of fighting against what isn't working

You want to embody stronger boundaries

You want to strengthen your voice & stand up for what you want

You are ready for a life of pleasure, sensuality, magnetism, joy, ease, & flow

You want to let go of limiting beliefs, guilt & shame

You're ready for radical wild freedom

Come, it's time to embody your true nature, your wild, your Feminine; to unconditionally love your body, to drink the nectar of life through all your senses, & to align yourself with your inner wisdom, sexuality, & cycles.


To live wildly, unapologetically. 


Work With Me

Do you feel it's time to claim what it is that you want? To hold strong boundaries & live the life you desire? To connect deeply to your body? To awaken & enliven your sensuality? Ignite your sex, your pussy? Your deep primal knowing?

In this transformational three-month mentorship you'll wildly align back to your true essence, embodied in your power, effortlessly claiming your wants, needs & desires, & speaking your truth.

Stop settling for less. You're worth so much more.

Pathway to Pleasure

Are you ready to commit to your sensual evolution?

Pathway to Pleasure is your accessible & affordable course & toolkit to guide you into pleasure with wild embodied empowerment & sweet ecstasy. Pleasure is Queen & it's time we started prioritising it. When we commit to a life of the embodied Wild Feminine, pleasure becomes our paradigm.


Virtual Events

Commit to self-worship, express your Sensuality, liberate your erotic essence, & fall into deep body love at my monthly Sensual Slumber Party.


In these self-lovin' events you'll re-activate your feminine radiance, boost your body confidence, connect to your sensuality, & ignite your feminine sexual energy through embodiment, dance, sharing circle, pleasure practices, sex magick,

& lots more!

""Every woman needs to rewild.  The patriarchy creates a lot of trauma by silencing, disconnecting, and forsaking our femininity.  Fiona is a sexy and powerful guide that will unabashedly send you love and hold space for your transformation." - Megan, USA

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  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach
  • Fiona McCoss Women's Empowerment Coach

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