All products, programs, courses & content created and provided by Fiona McCoss are subject to copyright & shall not be shared or reproduced without permission.

No refunds will be given on anything purchased from Fiona McCoss.

All sales are final.

If paying in installments, you agree to paying the set amount outlined in the Payment Plan. Cancellation of the plan is not permitted.

Please note: the best results occur through your full participation and ongoing commitment to your journey. The purpose of these Terms & Conditions are to establish a foundation between Mentor (Fiona McCoss) & Client (anyone who purchases from Fiona McCoss) that best serves all concerned.

My Commitment to You:

I intend to be transparent with my fees. If you would like additional support, beyond our current agreement, please inquire personally for details on the current options for deepening our work together.

I intend to receive your feedback with neutrality for my own growth as a coach and in service to your process. If anything we do together doesn’t work for you or “feel right,” open dialogue will allow us to work through that together.

I commit to honouring your privacy. All information disclosed within our communication & our sessions shall remain strictly confidential, unless you choose to share your experience or give prior permission to be celebrated publicly.

My Request of you as Client:

You agree to take responsibility for achieving what you want from the sessions, courses, programs, & any material purchased.

You agree to hold your time in sessions or live events as sacred and arrive to our meetings present and available.

You create a quiet, private, undisturbed space to receive our sessions, events, or any material purchased. This will allow you to remain focused and continue moving in the direction of your goals and desires.

You agree to only make agreements you are committed to keeping. Putting the effort to create the change you desire, in all aspects of your life, is when transformation becomes real. Participation in sessions, group programs, course material, & any purchased services requires a commitment from your behalf.

You understand that you are responsible for any desired outcomes from any material, programs, mentorships, or courses purchased.

You understand that even though you may receive email reminders/confirmations, attending events or sessions on time is your personal responsibility. Should anything be unclear, please ask in advance.

You release Mentor from any legal liability during your participation in anything purchased from Mentor &  you assume sole responsibility for your own health and for the outcome of any session, practice, or exercise suggested by Mentor that may affect your wellbeing in any way.


Terms & Conditions