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You are seeking 1:1 tailored support to reconnect with your Wild Feminine & your divine sexuality? Or you want to experience an embodiment practice? How about you desire a deep connection with womxn in a sacred Sister Circle; or want to know how we can collaborate? Either, any, all, or none - get in touch anyway, I'd love to speak with you!


I first met Fiona at a cacao ceremony and was instantly drawn to her nurturing energy. Both her yoga classes and workshops have inspired me in many ways. When I attended her Journaling Through Yoga workshop... thoughts and feelings I wasn’t even aware of had been simmering within me, waiting to get out... Then, in the first vinyasa yoga class I took with her, she reminded me of my willpower and ability to light my own internal heat. She’s one of those people that remind you to do what you love...

Fiona’s yoga classes not only challenge you physically, but mentally and spiritually- in all the best ways. Her warm, welcoming vibe immediately makes you feel right at home. Practicing yoga with Fiona quickly became part of my weekly routine and her workshops, like the Journal Through Yoga Exploration, are added bonus. She has an undeniable passion for yoga and truly enjoys sharing her experience & practice with others.



Fiona is one of the best teachers I ever took classes with because of her authenticity, her rhythm, energy, and descriptive cues. Her soul lights up and you can feel she loves to be there for you! I've been in her Journal Through Yoga Exploration and that was my best yoga practice I had in last 2 years! She guides you and helps you to go deep within yourself. 


The Journal Exploration was unlike any thing I have ever experienced and it opened so many new perspectives and views for me. Both about myself but also about life in general. Since then I have reflected a lot and can see a lot clearer the way out of my old habits and into a life of living in the now, and to see the beauty in all things in life.