The Power of Sex Magick

Sex magick is ancient. A lot of us have done it without realising. Its roots are found in Tao, Tantra, & Paganism. And it's ever more important that we reconnect to our sacred life force now and unlearn all the stigma and taboo around our sacred sexuality.

"Once you gain the mastery over the art of sexual magic, you gain mastery over the most powerful form of magic there is." Margot Anand

We're seeing our world fall apart at the hands of toxic leaders devoid of any true embodied connection to Self & to Pleasure & to authentic (& not harmful) Power. Ie: they aren't connected to their sex in an empowered way.

Where we muggles and mortals can use sex magick, and its precursor of self love, pleasure, embodied intimacy, trust, open hearted vulnerability, realness, deep connection & presence is to shake up the fucking system.

We can design it so we are the mistresses of our desires. We remember our divine power. We don't take shit or allow ourselves to be walked all over. A new world is possible.

Coming back to the body is so simple yet so many of us don't do it.

We don't have time.

We have work to do.


Meals to cook.

Houses to clean.


We forget the magick of simply reconnecting to self & to our pleasure centres. Our turn ons. Our sensuality. Our self love.

But we must descend to connect intimately with the feminine. We can't access the feminine through the mind, through "thinking" about it, through ascension by classic meditation. ⁠

We access the feminine through the body. Through feeling the feels. Through movement. Through intuition. Through sex. Through the portals of our womb, our pussy. Our sacral and root chakras.⁠

Traditional meditation encourages "out of the body" & transcendental states that we are convinced allow us to "reach other realms" keep us in our "higher" chakras (notice even the wording is thinly disguised hierarchy, compared to the "lower" chakras).

But the "higher" states keep us activated in our masculine energies. They transport us away from the body.⁠ So what about the "lower" ones?⁠ How can we access our feminine through meditation?

Trance states are not only accessed through vipassana or third-eye gazing. We can access them through dance, creativity, love making, through touch, and sound. Through sex magick & self worship. Directing our awareness within, instead of without.⁠ To pleasure, to presence.

When I launched the first Sensual Slumber Party last month I received a mixed response. There were those who instantly felt into a full-bodied YES and claimed their sacred space, and there were womxn who messaged me with lots of nerves and anxieties (they were approaching it from the head) lots of “I’m not ready, but it sounds great”, lots of “it’s just not for me yet - but it's something I would love to do eventually...”.⁠⠀They were thinking, not feeling.


And I get it, this is brave new territory for a lot of you. To descend. To explore your sexuality. To mix with magick. To truly drop into the body.

This is scary. This brings up fear. I know. I've been there.⁠ And I’m here to support you.⠀


Gathering together to explore our feminine power, our sensuality and our erotic expression through self worship - and with other womxn - can immediately bring up walls and defence mechanisms. And I understand why.⁠


We have grown up to be distrusting of our own sensuality and sexuality. We have grown up disconnected from our bodies, or have grown distant from them over the years. We might have experienced trauma or abuse. We might look at them and no longer see the young womxn we once were, but a womxn marked by her years and life stories. We might feel we've lost our sense of Sovereignty along the way and it feels too hard to get back.⁠


But this is where you can start to reclaim it. This is where you can meet in safety, with other womxn, with similar experiences, body hang ups, butterflies in their tummy, but with a deep knowing of “I want more though….”⁠⠀


I invite you to lean into your edge. What expansiveness and growth might be lying on the other side of that fear? Can you explore what saying YES might feel like?

Sister you are so worthy of pleasure, of deep self-connection, and self-worship.

Won't you journey with us at our next virtual Sensual Slumber Party for a yummy self love ceremony & sex magick ritual?

And, if you want to understand how your menstrual cycle affects your pleasure signature & sexuality, along with the unique energies of archetypes & goddesses, join in my four week group program Feminine Mysteries. Next round begins 5th August.

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